Manufacturer unknown to me

Hi again
I can’t understand who the maker of these 7.65
Some of you have already met him in his studies?
Thanks in advance

Isn’t the one reported on the box: DITTA CALVO, TORINO?

Yes, the company name is CALVO, and it appears to be located in Turin in the NE of Italy.
The problem is that nobody in Italy knows it and this box is the first news about this manufacturer. The assembly with lead ball (PALLA PIOMBO) suggests material for the civil market, unfortunately it was empty so no idea about the content of the same

There is a gun shop with the name Calvo in Turin. Probably ammo loaded by or for them.

Thanks Vlim
I will try to contact them, it is really true that an armory also produces packages ad hoc , it probably sells in a reduced area so here it is unknown, that’s why I didn’t think of doing a search on the internet …

Yes, Armeria Calvo is still present in Turin and it’s currently run by the son of the founder.
Here’s their site:
I’ve seen you’re Italian (like me!) so you’ll have no problem reading on the site; I suggest you to contact them directly through their personal e-mail and not through the contact box on the site, in order to attach your photo. Maybe it was a replica or made just as a publicity stunt…

Let us know what you’ll discover, now I’m curious!

To start, thank you
I contacted Calvo
If you answer, I’ll keep you informed
Are you of Italian origin and where do you live?
I live between Padua and Vicenza in the North-East of Italy, but from a father I am Sicilian.
You, especially what do you collect?
See you soon my friend

Hope they’ll answer!
Anyway I’m from Emilia Romagna and I like to collect everything I found during my field trip in Veneto or Lombardia.

Waiting for updates, bye

Does anyone know if this box contains reloads or ammunition loaded on new brass. My poor knowledge of Italian tells me that the box says the cartridges are loaded by the firm of Calvo-Torino. I wondered if they have their own headstamp, or if they use a specific brand of cases of just any available fired caes?

The box is interesting. I had never seen any box of any caliber from this firm before! If I lived in Itlay, I would be on the next train to Torino - I don’t recall visiting Torino on my two trips to Italy.

John Moss.

Hello John
how are you
The manufacturer is a Turin Armory
next week I should have more detailed information
I keep you informed
a hug my friend

Giovanni - Tanti grazi!

John M.

Hi John, for a better understanding for non-Italians I translate what is written on the box:

At left:
50 cartridge for automatic pistol

At right:
7.65 mm Browning with lead bullet

At the bottom:
Loaded by Calvo company - Turin

@Giovanni can I ask you where did you find it?


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comes from a very small museum in the province of Trento that contacted me …