Manufacturers ID

Trying to find out who the manufacturer was for this cartridge.

Love the wording on the case;


Guarantees Failure Free

I do know what the title word means in English it would equate to something like “Tally Ho” (if that is the context it is being used in) and is a black powder load etc. as stated on the case.

Does anybody know who made the case.


HORRIDO is a Trade mark from Sellier & Bellot Schönebeck/Elbe. After 1945 used also the VEB Schönebeck (GDR) the name HORRIDO.

Sellier and bellot.

Mike, “Horrido” is a hunters’ cry of victory apparently derived from St. Horridus, a patron saint of hunters. This shotshell trademark was chronologically owned by:

  • Zündhütchen- und Patronenfabrik, vormals Sellier & Bellot, Schönebeck
  • Patronen-, Zündhütchen- und Metallwarenfabrik AG, vormals Sellier & Bellot, Schönebeck
  • VEB Sprengstoffwerk Schönebeck (GDR)
  • Gustav Jehn GmbH
  • Anhaltinische Chemische Fabriken GmbH (GDR)
  • SK Jagd- und Sportmunitions GmbH
  • Lapua GmbH
  • Nammo Schöenebeck GmbH
  • Gustav Jehn GmbH

Your example has the first headstamp style used by Zündhütchen- und Patronenfabrik, vormals Sellier & Bellot, Schönebeck. Below is one of the earliest ads I have (1907).



Fede, Rene, Rigby;

Thank you all for the super replies. Thanks for the list Fede, what year would you put the manufacture at?


Fede, your list illustrates the eventful history of the Schönebeck factory. I understand EOD is working on a documentation of all this.

I am glad you got the subtle “Anhaltinische” right, because in the well known WASAG name it confusingly is written “Anhaltische”. Both are correct and refer to the location of the (otherwise unrelated companies) in the former state of Anhalt (on the river Elbe) at Schönebeck and Coswig.

Gustav Jehn GmbH still is an importer and wholesaler located in Lippstadt in the Western part of Germany. I assume it acted on behalf of Schönebeck to hold the trademark rights in the West when Germany was divided. When shotgun cartridge manufacture ended in Schönebeck, it seemingly decided to purchase the trademarks.

My earliest ad about Horrido is 1904.
The drawing is different

Thanks JP, so looking at your add and Fede’s that would date the cartridge as circa 1905 or some time just after that (of course depending on how long they were in production for).

Once again thanks all for the replies.


One like Mike’s on the right, always thought this was a great name for a brand.

Another seldomly mentioned manufacturer’s designation used after the war during the Allied-occupied Germany timeframe (1945-49) and as late as 1950, before the creation of VEB Sprengstoffwerk Schönebeck, was Jagdpatronen- und Metallenfabrik vormals Sellier & Bellot, Schönebeck. However, I’m aware of this designation used in Hubertus shotshells only, although it is possible that Horrido exists marked as such as well.

Also, it is worth mentioning that in one of the company’s histories published by Lapua, it is mentioned that the company was operating during 1946 loading shotgun cartridges for the Soviet occupation forces.

[quote=“Eightbore”]Thanks JP, so looking at your add and Fede’s that would date the cartridge as circa 1905 or some time just after that (of course depending on how long they were in production for)


Hello Mike,
The ctge you have has a drawing used from 1907 to 1939 (date of my last catalogue).
About the hstp I don’t know