Manurhin 1938-2006

This is to alert collectors to a new book which has come my way. Some of you may have seen it at last week’s ECRA meeting in the Netherlands.

This is a history of the French ammunition company Manurhin with most of the content focused on details of the ammunition produced, from 12.7mm to 40mm (22 different calibres). Colour illustrations of the different projectile types for each round. Headstamps and fuzes also included.

96 A4 pages, softback. It’s in French with brief English summaries (but it’s easy enough to interpret the information even if, like me, you’re not a French speaker). A comprehensive work on a subject about which little has been published before, and a must-have for cannon ammo enthusiasts.

Available from the author, Colonel Claude Jacquinet, at:
Musée de la BA 102, BP 90102, 210102 DIJON CEDEX 9, FRANCE
or from
Price 38 Euros inc postage (UK and Continental Europe) 40 Euros (USA and rest of the world)

I will have this book also available at the Next St-Louis show next year at my table!!

I have received the book friday.
Remarkable work !
It can be bought without hesitating.

Is/Was/Will there be an edition for small arms ammo?