Manurhin cartridge manufacturing machines

Last year I adquired a set of catalogs and drawings about Manurhin cartridge manufacturing machines from the 1960’s. Since we often discuss cartridge manufacturing but not cartridge manufacturing machines, I thought it would be interesting to show some examples made by this French company. I’m sure that some of you have seen examples of them in ammunition factories all around the world.

Here are a few pages:


Manurhin placed in backup procedure.
The Alsatian manufacturer of machines of cartridge factory takes measures of short time working. He(It) suffers from a financing deficit.

Since August 2nd 2018, Manurhin is now under the control of the United Arab Emirate company EDIC : Emirate Defense Industries Company.

Their current sole activities are cartridge manufacturing machines.


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At the Eurosatory 2018 exhibition Manurhin shared a booth with the Oman Munition Production Company. The Manurhin salesman explained to me that Manurhin produces the case & bullet producing machinery for OMPC.


Przemek, is this GDR machinery for Mesko?

Yes, and set from “DWM” /automatische Drehmaschine/:

Yes, the DWM I noticed. Was that machinery which was taken from German stocks in 1945 or shortly after?

I do not have information about this DWM. PL papers for DWM are from 1949-1952. (ps. DWM produced machine, lathe etc. with signature DWM or other?) / I have not seen DWM catalogues for machines.
I need to check the “Lists of machines “evacuated” by the Germans”, doc. from 1946.

And i see papers for Pinchart Deny, Paris, machine.
Today in Mesko is a one French machine as decoration.

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