Manville 25MM

Does anyone know. Wikipedia says the Manville guns were made in 12 Bore, 26.5mm and 37MM. Why are the shells marked 25MM?

Manville 25MM


Because there was a manville 25mm not a 26.5mm.

Thanks Kap! A nice simple answer that explains it!

Here is a good quick read


Dan, somehow your image does not work.

Thanks, I’ll try this:
Manville 25MM

Dan, thanks! Is there a side view too maybe?

Yes there is, but I didn’t save it. It was in Vic’s auction. I have a fe I’ll picture later, and if I 4get, it will be available when the last auction is archived.
Dan - edit to add pictures.
Manville hs

I lightened bottom pic to see knurling.

It appears much like this is a 25mm like the French were using them for flare guns. The composite case is very typical.