Many Pictures from SLICS!


Click Images to see a much larger version!!


And an awesome display on Bullet Molds from the Civil War.

Same as before, click for bigger version:


Thanks for the outstanding view of the show!
Wish I were there!
Tom Graham


Thanks for posting them!

The neat displays are impressive, but what sets me salivating is the messy tables jammed full of cannon rounds for sale…


With the exception of Randy Walti and his wife this looks like it was held at a senior citizen home. Some of us may be too old to play with this stuff.


nice pictures
on the picture with auto cannon rounds ,i can see a rare 30mm pgu 14 with black and red projo


Here is a pic of the pistol-caliber multiball display I had set up at my table:

It was a great overall show with many good items picked up. Best item found for me has to be a M.E.N. DM91 AP 9mm rd sectioned by Paul Smith. It’s hard enough to find a complete rd (which I did also find this year), but sections are few & far between.


Thanks SO MUCH for posting these great photos! Looks like there was a lot of “Large Bore” ammunition there this year. The show looked amazing.



No artillery ammo displays this year ?


See photo number 23- a REALLY GREAT display of WW1 Mortar Ammunition.
I think there were better photos in another thread showing more of the details, but it was most impressive.


Thanks,I saw that. Likely Jerry Janik’s. Hawkinson and others used to put on some impressive displays.