Marble's 32S&W to 8mm Mauser adaptors

These are Marble’s adaptors with “Marble’s USA No169” at the base of each. I found these 2 previous discussions viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2825&p=17627&hilit=marble%27s#p17627. My question is “How do I remove 32S&W rounds”?

Vlad - why remove the .32 S&W rounds. They are part of the full cartridge. Really none of my business - just wondered. If no one else answers about taking the .32s out, I will try to find mine and do it. I think I will remember how when I have it in my hand again. Are you sure the cartridges are .32 S&W by the way? The bullets look like .32 Automatic, and I think that was the intended cartridge for the Marble’s 8 x 57 mm adaptor.

Vlad, I agree with John…They look like .32 Auto, but…if you have to get them out, you should be able to “twist and pull” at the same time, and they should snap out…The .32 Auto rims will be marred a bit…John will hopefully come back with the same info,…My Krag adapters for .32 S&W, .32 S.C. and .32 ACP all work this way.


Randy, your code list from a much earlier post says “169 8mm MAUSER to 32 S&W”, but D.Dietz marked this package as “32acp” so I just want to see what it is.


The adapters are made of spring temper steel. So, the cartridges snap in and out. They were sold without a cartridge so that would be their original state. #169 is 32 Colt AP to 8mm but they often will accept other cartridges. They are actually called Auxiliary Cartridges.


I agree that the Marble’s Auxilliary cartridges were sold without the loaded round, but in a collection, that only tells half the story. I, personally, find auxilliary cartridges without the
live cartridge they were meant to be used with to be quite uninteresting. It is like reading a book with half the pages torn out. JMHO.

In some cases keeping cartridge adaptors loaded is not a good idea. Those of the type manufactured by Winchester at one time and the Hoffer-Thompson adaptor for the .22 Springfield actually comprise a miniature barrel and breech into which the substitute cartridge is loaded. It is possible one of these loaded adaptors could discharge and expel the bullet at considerable velocity. In the case of the Hoffer-Thompson the adaptor even includes a small breechblock and firing pin, making the possibility of a dropped adaptor discharging not at all far-fetched. Jack

Jack - you are absolutely right. I should have been more specific in that I was talking of the Marble type. Any adaptor cartridge that is a CHAMBER for a smaller cartridge, especially if it has a firing mechanism of its own, should not be keep loaded. I probably violate this in my cabinet with auxilliary rounds that do not have their own firing mechanism, but even that is a crap shoot. I have a 7.65 mm Para adaptor where the rear portion of the 7.65 Para “case” (actually part of the adaptor in the shape of the read of the case) is a firing mechanism and the forward part of the case with the shoulder is part and parcel of a full-length insert rifled barrel for a Swiss Model 4-3/4" barrel 7.65 Para pistol. A “loaded” auxilliary round like that is not much different than a loaded pistol with one up the spout!

Although the marble type has a firing mechanism, because of the way it holds the cartridge it is relatively safe to handle. Still, it would not be a mistake to represent the actual cartridge with a factory dummy or an inerted round.

Good call, Jack.