Marine Base Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii (EOD display)

‘can’t complete with Vlad’s photos…but here’s a few items to cause wonderment

EOD display room (I don’t assume this is a public tour-able area) unless there were an open house event

(I returned from Oahu after staffing the NFL Pro Bowl…red-eye flight this a.m.)

I was afforded several wonderful “inside” tour opportunities…I hope it’s ok to share these photos

I wanted to bring home the 105 flechette round…but… :)

Don’t ask me any identities of what is what

I was looking if I had a photo of the big ‘ol napalm canister but being a big aluminum “tank”…I didn’t photo it

Fantastic pictures, Pepper! Thank you big time for posting. I love the big stuff :-) Looks like you got a sweet tour.


I see some extremely interesting items there. Thanks for sharing!

Very nice photos, I love what I see, I understand the desire for that 105mm flechette projectile!!!
What is the big aerial bomb stuffed with little “bomblets”? I tried to zoom in on the writing on top but it all blurred at high magnification.

Very nice pictures, thanks for sharing. When they closed an EOD unit here in Norway, they threw 4 containers full of objects. Wish I had known before, so I could try to save some.