Markings on an Engine Start Cartridge

I have a fired case from an engine start cartridge for a RR Avon engine and I’m curious about some of the markings.

The HS is shown below:

Getting a good picture of the stencilled lettering on the side of the case was a problem. It reads as follows:

No. 9 Mk 2.
LOT 599.
ICI / A 9/54.

What does the A above the three horizontal lines (6 o’clock on the HS) indicate?

Also, would the presence of the “K” on the headstamp and the ICI / A 9/54 on the case indicate that the case was manufactured by Kynoch but loaded in Australia?


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I have similar cases with 83A on base. I think this is a lot number.
ICI had more than one filling factory. I do not know where ICI/A was but ICI/R was in Roslin, Scotland and they filled flare cartridges. Nothing related to Australia other than using these cartridges here in my opinion. Ron.

Thanks Ron - does yours have a lot number stencilled on the side of the case?

I have kept only one No9 Mk2 case. Very dull with a brass (not plastic) mouth cover. Lot 183 (I think. Hard to read 1953 dated case by Kynoch. ICI/A etc.
I have container for No10 Mk2 8/64 with ICI/A as well.
Sorry I cannot help further with the horizontal lines etc.

Possibly ICI Ardeer but I am not sure. Time to ask the experts.

ICI/A is indeed ICI Ardeer.

Ron and Tim - thank you both for the info. I’ve added that to my records.

The No. 9 Cartridge was for use in the Rolls Royce turbo-starter Type SBS 720 Mk 1. (single chamber) as fitted to Avon 1 engines in the Canberra 1, 2, 3 & 4 (possibly others).

The only real difference between the No. 9 and 10 cartridges is the electric primer used - No 43 on th No. 9 and No. 48 on the No. 10. Both used 700 grammes of Cordite. However, there are dire warnings about using the No. 10 in lieu of the No. 9 as the former was considered to be a more powerful cartridge.

No reference to the three lines