Markings on DM51 Crate + additional photo requests

Hi everyone, I’ve come across what I think is a picture of a DM51 crate that holds 90 Grenades.

I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination on these things but I think the factory code is MEN which is Metallwerk Elisenhütte GmbH, I was under the understanding that the DM51 was made by Diehl BGT Defense? Is this correct?

Additionally would anyone happen to have more pictures of these DM51 crates?

Thank you for your help in advance.

why 90 grenades, it clearly says 2500 cartridges

I assumed it was grenades because right under the 2500 Is DM51 and that wouldn’t make any sense for it to be 2500 grenades.

Also the weight lines up with it being 90 Grenades in there.

Lastly I’ve seen they come in trays of 10.

from the MEN website

Incredible, well that’s a mistake I have made. Thank you for clearing that up.

Would you happen to have any pictures showing a DM51 grenade crate? The only pictures I seem to find are just the trays that hold 10 grenades in each.

NotAny1, maybe you got misslead by the designation DM51?
Like in the US military model designations are repeating for many different line items.

Here the box you are looking for.

Source: internet.

Thank you very much Mr.EOD.

If I’m reading the information correctly this crate contains 30 Grenades, The Factory code is DN = Diehl and the production year is 2000?


No year given in this lot number back then but here the data on manufacture is given separately.
See the GEF 3.76, this means made in March 1976.

Very fantastic information thank you once more.

Would you perhaps have a picture of a crate a bit newer? like after 1999?


German model numbers are not unique, the 5 in this case indicates the 5th model. The last digit indicates the nature, for example 8 is used for training (DM58, for example)
With small arms cartridges, every caliber (4.6 mm, 5.56 m, 7.62 mm, 9 mm etc.) has its own numbering, starting with DM11. For example, the DM41 number exists in 5.56 mm, 7.62 mm and 9 mm.
In larger calibers, the last digits indicates the type of projectile: DM11 is HE, DM12 is HEAT, DM13 is AP et cetera.
The system is sophistcated enough that even its creators make mistakes, for example designating a 12,7 mm DM13 ( againt the rule that …3 etc. not to be used below .60 or 15.2 mm). Or 7.62 x 67 (.300 WinMag) DM11, although caliber 7.62 mm DM11 had been already assigned decades earlier to 7.62 mm x 33 (.30 Carbine!). So the sniper cartridge became DM121 (12th model in any 7.62 mm caliber).

Quite helpful thank you for that, like I said I am no expert so its nice to learn about things from people who know what they’re talking about.


1989 is as good as it gets.

Source: internet.

Thank you very much! Mr.EOD these marking are very clear. I greatly appreciate the help of an expert such as yourself.

The term expert is way overstressed and seeing who is considered an expert in this world I do not want to be one.

Very humble lol, thank you anyways.

Would you happen to know anything about the packaging for Rheinmetall MK13 Flash Bangs?

The Google expert takes us here:

Another help to see what you are dealing with is the German interchange code (called MAK, comparable to U.S. DODIC) on the crates. Both hand grenade crates show GV30, while the 9 mm ammunition has code AD60 on the crates.
These codes remain the same for all interchangeable (from a user’s perspective) model numbers.

Ah yes the ever knowing google. Doesn’t have packing info on that page. Any guesses on how many come in a box?

J… I have not seen these yet (though having been in the factory and using them there). But following other observations I assume them to be packed in .50 style belt boxes as they are in use for many ammo items in recent years.
Here maybe also the new plastic ones from PPD (Danish company) making them as Rheinmetall has a joint venture with them if I got it right.
Of course packing as per customer’s requirement is always possible.


Thanks again!!! Very helpful and at the very least you know way more than I do about this stuff lol.