Marlin bullet box?

Box is empty, tan & black label on a tan 2-piece full-cover box.
Anyone KNOW FOR SURE what the “U. H.” stands for. No guesses please.

Pete, I’m looking through my files to find some documentation to prove it, but as I remember the “U. H.” was a reference to the Marlin Ballard “Union Hill” Rifle.

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I found confirmation in Phil Sharps THE RIFLE IN AMERICA page 401 of the ca. 1884-1891 Ballard Union Hilll No. 9 rifle which was offered in .38-55-255. And on page 404 of the same book Sharps states that J.M. Marlin was making Ballard single-shot rifles under his J.M. Marlin brand. Although James J. Grant in SINGLE SHOT RIFLES page 41 also notes this .38-55-255 chambering was also available in the Ballard No 8 Union Hill rifle as made by Marlin.

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The Marlin-Ballard "“Union Hill” Models No. 8 and No. 9 were chambered only for the .32-40 and .38-55 Marlin-Ballard Cartridges, according to “Ballard, the Great American Single-Shot Rifle,” by John T. Dutcher, pages 269-278. The 255 Grain bullet weight would indicate that the bullets in the box would be suitable for the .38-55.

Since no “guesses” are wanted, I supply this information for what it is worth, if anything, and no further comment.

Edit - While I was typing this answer, Fede answered in approximately the same way, but different references. Sorry for the duplication. Neither answer, mine or his, supplies documentation of the meaning of “UH” on that box, however, only an educated guess.