Marshall Diesel Engine Power Start Cartridge

Like to show this .12 Marshall Diesel Engine Power start Cartridge

Neat, never heard of this. How is it loaded, what’s inside?
Here is how it is done

I’m surprised this round didn’t have a short case, thick rim or similar to make the case dimensionally different from a regular shotshell.

One has to wonder if someone ever accidentally loaded a shot round into the engine starter?

I have heard that all doesn’t end well when a Marshall engine starter is fired in your 12 gauge gun, I have some of these cartridges and not interested in finding out what happens when fired in a gun. Cheers

Thanks for sharing.
I had one of these tractors some year ago.
Even drive it when I was young.
We did not use the cartridge but some lighted canvas.
I alway thought it was started with a 16Ga cartridge.

my few on display in my room