Martignoni 12G shotshell


This is my 1st shotgun question. I was attracted to this round by giant letters on the bright red plastic body proclaiming: EXTRA SPECIAL, BASALDUA, ARGENTINA No.3B, MEXICO D.F. The headstamp below (thanks, Gravelbelly, it is your pre-scan,crop,scan again method, it works) points to Italy. How difficult can it be? I go to MUNICION.ORG and find the following: F


Can’t answer some of you specific questions but in general, a number of companies supply hulls with their headstamp to other companies, who then apply the approprate case wall print, load and market the product in their market. Not so common in the days of roll crimps and paper hulls but today very common in plastic hulls. Ask any sporting clays shooter & I’ll bet he can find several shells with the same headstamp but with different companies case print at his next shoot or range.


I don’t know anything about this shotshell, but can help with part of your question. The firm of Martignoni is located in Genova (Genoa) Italy. “Basaldua” sounds to me like a name. I don’t know it as a Spanish word, and tried to look it up. It is not in any of my Spanish-English Dictionaries. I think it is probably the firm that marketed the shells, but I cannot confirm that - it is just a guess. Argentina No. 3B is a street Address. M


Are you saying that this Italian-made shell is loaded by someone called Basaldua at the address of Argentina #3 in Mexico City?


sksvlad - I am not saying anything about where or by who the cartridge is loaded. In fact, I said I didn’t know anything about the shotshell itself. Not my field. All I did was explain the only thing those markins could be. Argentina 3 would have to be a street address. Of course, streets with country names are not at all unusual. I am not sure if we have country-named streets around here, but San Francisco has a series of streets named for the Capitol Cities of Companies - Lisbon, Paris, etc. Argentina 3 was combined with a city name as the question was asked, M