Martini Henry ID

I got this fired case from a chap who visits battlegrounds. It is in terrible condition, barely recognisable as a case nevermind the calibre. It has been stood on by many goats. It is between a 577 Snider and a better condition Martini. Funny thing is that it has a paper covering (similar to the Snider) up to where the shoulder starts, complete with inspection hole. The case length is too long to be a Snider so I am sure it is a Martini. I have been through all my references and can find no mention of a model like this - can anyone throw any light on this Model or Mark?

That’s a new one on me! I have never seen an MH with a paper OUTER wrapper.

If you can arrange a high-quality photo I would love to include that in my book.

I don’t know if this helps.

Could it be a Snider Blank Pattern II (also suitable for the Martini). Case length about “38mm”. The black powder charge was inside a Paper bag inside the cartridge. If the cartridge was unfired/misfired the goats trampling on the cartridge could possibly have caused the paperbag to pop out of the cartridge then been flattened.


Simon, the Pattern 2 blank is a brass foil outer casing cartridge. This Martini definitly has a brass foil case with a paper or card outer covering, just like the Snider. I have seen a reference to Martini’s jamming because the paper wrapping caught on the chamber mouth, but it does not go any further than this. I am sure it is a Martini but don’t know what Pattern or ever what country made it, although that is most likely Britain.