Martini-Henry Packets

Three interesting MH packets from India.

Kirkee Mk1 Cordite. 1935 dated. Brass base and black striped patch.
What does the A mean in the Indian pattern after the Mark 1 ?
Paper very fragile after Indian climate and easily tears. Scarce.

Dum Dum 1899 Brass Discs. (Bases). Nice packet.

Indian loads with writing. What does the writing say ?
Cases have no inspection hole, rim scuffs on lead and very white patches.



Hi Ron, The I and A (either side of the Indian military broad arrow over I) is the Indian Inspector mark. I cannot recall the exact title but it is similar to Chief inspector.

As you probably know the brass discs were a change brought about due to the fast rusting in the Indian climate with the normal blackened steel base discs which were the earliest Indian marked & are quite uncommon today (at least here in the USA) & I’ll bet what is in your MK I packet.

NICE items!

Thanks again!

Photos of the ammunition contained in these packets.

Both cartridges have brass bases. I checked with a magnet . Both have case inspection holes.

Really neat to the the Kirkee Cordite Rifle MH packet. I hadn’t realized it was made that late.

here are my only examples of Indian manufacture with a blackened iron base disc.
The Kirkee & the Dum-Dum MH both have inspection holes while the North Arsenal (Kirkee) .476 shot has none.

Your 3rd packet with the Indian text is that the back of one of the others or ? & if different is the round below it, from it?
it looks to be a blackened iron base disc?

Any case or primer holder markings ? Anything other part(s) than the base disc magnetic?

The Indian writing packet and round shown has no case hole or primer surround ID.
The top of each projectile looked like a flattish sprue-cut but the cases looked a bit dark. I thought of reloads but must have been new foil cases if reloads?

I also have your two K and D with steel rims. I need the N Buckshot.

I was only going to show the rarer packets but decided to show the rest.