Ok we have done the common stuff from Curtis & Harvey how about the “Marvel” lets keep this topic going!!

This has to be one of the hardest cartridges I have had tracking down and to this day I only have the one.

Have either of you two got any different cases (or anybody else come to that, JP?)

Head Stamp

Over Shot Card

Side View 1

Side View 2

Come on, let’s raise the bar a bit. This cartridge also does not say “loaded with” but rather that it is a Marvel cartridges by C&H any takers on this topic?

I have heard it said that the rings round the case mean it is a reject or a second, does anybody have any proof to support this?


BTW, meant to add, if they were seconds, how do we know who used them?


Hi Mike,

Great one, never seen one before, so I cannot say anything about it.

About the lines, I also have been told that this was done for rejects/2nd quality cases.

That’s all I can say about it.

Regards rené

Looking at the rough edge of the base on the bottom photo would certainly agree with the ‘second’ tag I think.

John, compared to some of the ones I have seen from full boxes of so called “first” class ones, that one could be a stunner! At this era, many of the cartridges I have seem to have “minor” imperfection from the third/fourth stage of forming when the head was compressed onto the inner base wad. This would also be in line with the quality control limits allowed for production at that company/time (by this I infer wartime manufacture when we could not be so fussy etc.). All questions we will doubtfully ever get answered but we can just give our best guesses, all part of the fun and enjoyment of collecting.

All part of the reason why I like these forums which can stimulate some really good replies and we all glean that bit more information and insight into cartridges.

Many thanks,

Mike, the same marking was used by Orbea in Argentina to identify “rejected/discarded” cases, whose identification is confirmed by boxes having a rubber stamp with the word “DESCARTADOS”, and I have found this marking in NPE and NUPE cases, and also loaded cartridges. Considering that Orbea at one point became completely owned by ICI, it is likely that this practice was inherited from this company.


Well all I can say is that shell is a Marvel!

About canellleations
I thought “JOB” or “XXX” meant 2nds or rejected, Not exactly where the line is drawn as to what the qualifiers are for either quality.
Any how the two on the bottom show those marks.

The only other three British shells I have are above the JOB & on the right re three other ‘cancelled’ shells

Left side headstamps & read left - bottom to right-top

Right side headstamps & read left - bottom to right-top

A cartridge with the same picture is in the 1912 C & H catalogue.
Marvel looks like to be the name of the shell rather than the name of the powder.
The hstp is N° Curtis’s 12 & Harvey.
But you surely already know that.

Again in the 1913 catalogue but I have no detail on the hstp.

I am very glad there was not a Forum when I started collecting. Had there been, I may have been hooked on Shotshells, a terrible fate to suffer!

Very interesting stuff!!! Thanks…


Have to agree with you Lew. The old days of snail mail did have that one advantage, but gosh, I just love emails and digital photos.


Hi Pete, nice ‘rejects’.

I just wanted to show some others and also the Orbea one Fede mentioned.

regards rené

PS I know there are many more, French Italian and British ones but these are the different ones I can show.

HI all,

just received a new sample of the Curtis’s & Harvey’s Marvel

Just showing for interest.

regards rené


Another super cartridge, love the head stamp.


Hi All.

The Eley shells marked with the XXX and JOB are definately seconds and rejects. A large number of these have turned up in Canada over the years. We were considered the dumping ground for second grade ammunition. The Brits considered us a Colony and as such, send us whatever they wanted. I have had many hundreds of these in all of the grades calibres and in pinfires too. And no, I don’t have many anymore. Although I do have a few different Curtis’s & Harvey shells, I don’t have a Marvel, nor do I recall C&H ever making Marvel powder.