Massiv hstp on shotshell

This is an all brass case shotshell.
The hstp is H Massiv H 12
It has been given to me as an Norvegian shotshell.
Or perhaps Dannish with H for Hagen ?
Could you confirm and five the name of the manufacturer ?

Hi jeanpierre.
Youre right that these are supposed to be Norwegian,from L.H.Hagen&Co.
I am not sure how that has been ascertained,but i guess it has something to do with this catalouge from Hagen in the 1890s. The underlined says THICK MASSIVE (solid?)BRASS,big primer.

Best Finn

Hagen is Norvegian or is it Danish (located in Christiana) ?

Cristiania was the name of the Norwegian capitol upto 1925,when it changed name to Oslo.
There is also a place in Copenhagen,Denmark called Christiania(from 1971),but that has absolutely nothing to do with Mr Hagen or any shotgunshells as far as i know…(O:
It must also be said that Hagen didnt make these shells himself,most likely they were bought from England…

Other examples can be seen here:

  1. Thank you very much for the geographical explanation.
  2. The shell you show is from Belgian origin
  3. Thanks for the interesting link

How do we know this is from Belgium? Are there Belgian shells with the same funnylooking letters?
I would love to see a picture…
Next to bottom in the link above,there is a S.A.B shell with Hagen OSC,is it the same shell you have?
Thanks Finn

Because Diane is a trademark of S.A. Anderlecht, Belgium (and later from Cartoucherie Stephanoise)
I will check tomorrow to send you pictures of my SAB shell and of some Diane shells

here are some hstps from Anderlecht
top row : paper tube cases
bottom row : all brass cases

The catalog posted above translates to the following:

"Empty shotshells for center- or pinfire
Brown cardboard shells with big or small primers
Blue —
Green —
Red — outside clad with brass
Thin brass - big primer
Thick solid (one-piece) brass , big primer

Our centerfire shells are made in such a way, that the regular flat brass primers for rifle cartridges can be used, these are very advantageous and better/easier to reload, than the ones using small primers and loose anvils.
We do however still carry a line of shells with small primers."


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Thanks for the pictures,JP,very interesting,and no doubt that these are from the same factory!
And thanks to Ole for the translation! (O:

thanks for the translation