Massive 32.5x8 in artillery shell identification help!

Looking for id help!!! 8 inch diameter 32.5 tall marked bm&m Co and primer is marked eoc 4/98. Having a hard time figuring out what it is.
Thanks in advance!


Is the 8 inch diameter measured across the base?

If it is, it looks to be a British 6" Naval Gun case of 1890s vintage.

See more information here:

It was made by Birmingham Metal & Munitions Company of Birmingham UK.

The primer was made by the Elswick Ordnance Company of the UK. 4/98 is a date of April 1898. The screw-in primer was designed to be used with a handheld tool to extract the fired case from the gun. You are lucky to have the primer with the case, as these are often removed so that the case will stand up.

Your case is the longer type which was used with black powder. The later types for smokeless powder were shorter.

Can you post a photo of the base markings?


Thank you yes. Here it is

That was the only marking I could find.

Thanks for the photo.

As it has no other markings, it may have been made for export for use by a non-British navy.

The case should have three sets of two notches around the edge at the open end. These would have held a cardboard cap which kept the powder inside the case. The projectile was loaded into the gun first, then the case was loaded behind it. If these notches are not present, the case may have been shortened.

Where in the world are you located?

The notches are there. I thought someone cut it because of them! I am in upstate new york.

In the Wikipedia article it says that some of the guns were bought by the USA at the start of the Spanish-American war. That explains the lack of British military markings on the case.

There was apparently a fort armed with these guns at Staten Island NY, and also one in Rhode Island, so this case could have come from one of them.

These cases are not commonly found here in the UK.

Thank you so much for the information