Master .380 ACP

Digging out some old boxes of brass I found this box with a delightfully eclectic bunch of headstamps. These included: W-W, SUPER VEL, WIN, WRA, SPEER, S&W, FC, SB, R-P, G.F.L., Geco, AGUILA, and a single case marked “380 AUTO MASTER”.

I have seen this brand of re-manufactured blastin’ ammo in various calibers and had assumed they used whatever brass was available. Further assuming that they had their own brass made at some point, who made it for them and did/do they also offer ammunition manufactured with virgin brass?


I have nickel-plated 9mm Luger cases headstamped MASTER (over) 9mm that had their flashholes deburred prior to plating, indicates made by Starline. Does your box have a printing date and/or lot number. Usually found on one of the flaps, a printing date can be a clock face (1 thru 12) with year printed in the middle or the logo of a printing company with year such as 1964 with numbers under it 1 thru 12, usually missing a number for the month it was printed. The format of the lot number might indicate who actually produced it. Also, the tray might be original, please describe it.

Master Cartridge and their sister company Georgia Arms offer both new and remanufactured ammunition. Master sells to LE departments and retailers, while Georgia Arms sells direct to individuals. You can’t go to a decent gun show in the Southeast US without running into one of their booths.

dArtagnan and Daniel,

Thank you for the information. The inside flap is marked: 06279002. The tray is typical Styrofoam with no markings.

Didn’t realize these folks made new ammunition and was surprised to find the “MASTER” headstamp amongst such a variety of other types in this box of re-manufactured rounds.