Master list of .357sig ammo

I stumbled across this thread on Glocktalk where the user NitLion is maintaining & continually updating an impressive list of all known .357sig loads (he’s up to 198). I presume the qualifying factor is that they are loaded by a licensed FFL, and he certainly has some obscure brands in there. As new posts are added to the thread he re-organizes the master list on page 1 to insert things in correct alphabetical order. My task for tomorrow… find the ones not on the list.

I ended up adding 6 loads to the list (page 21, post 420).

I was sure that I had another .357sig brand which was a frangible bullet loaded by a very obscure small manufacturer (in Connecticut?) who was loading Sinterfire bullets in various calibers back in the early to mid 2000’s for a brief time. The boxes they used were similar to the two-part plastic boxes used by Federal on some of their Hydrashok & HST 20rd boxes these days. I think I sent the box to John Moss, or Bill Hindin and can’t recall a thing about it.

wish it had headstamps noted

I think he began tracking more from a shooter’s perspective in terms of just wanting to know what loads were out there, and with what projectiles / velocities / quantities, prices, etc… I think he has unwittingly become a cartridge collector though, and he does own all of the types described on page one. Perhaps I can convince him to image-scan one-each of all of his specimens?

For those interested, this list of ALL known load types for .357sig is up to 271, and the forum thread is 15 years old now. He doesn’t list headstamps, although I presume he might have just about all of them. He is only concerned with projectile loading / brand, and this effort is impressive. The newest one is the Liberty Ammunition frangible hollow point, just released in the past couple months. The list is shown as post #13 on the first page of the thread, and then he has photos of them all throughout the 30-page thread…