Matching headstamp to ammo box

I have a Remington Targetmaster Kleanbore .38 special wad cutter box… all green, red circle w/ Remington on left and Dupont on right… red diagonal on edge with targetmaster… green top/white bottom on end flaps…

In it were wadcutters w/ Federal, Peters, Western, and 2 diff. Remingtons… I
want to only keep the right ones in the box…

Was Remington headstamps then the REM-UMC or the R-P ?

Box isn’t in the greatest shape, but one I didn’t have…

Thank you.

bomar97–That box would have had “REM-UMC” headstamped cartridges, unless it has the “Warning-Keep out of Reach of Children” on it. If so, then the cartridges would have been “R-P”

Thank you!

I only have 4 REM-UMC in the box… the rest I’ll give to my husband to shoot off… his only complaint about my box collection is that he sees a lot of ammo he’s not allowed to use!