Matthew McLaughlin Auction

Is there anyone who can give more information
over the cartridges that will be auctioned in the auction.
( pictures - headstamps )


I don’t mean to steal Vic’s thunder, but maybe he’s away this weekend. Go to his web site, Click on “Current Auction” to see five selections: Lots #1 (numerical order of lots); Lots #2 (caliber order of lots); Rules, including absentee bidding; Credit Card (CC) authorization sheet; and Bid Sheet. The date of the auction is 27-28 September and it will be in the greater St. Louis area. I’m not certain, but I think the exact location of the auction will be determined soon. I can tell you from my experience moving the SLICS down from Chicago that finding a venue for an event like this in St. Louis can be a real challenge.

The auction includes some incredible cartridges, and looks like it will be a great mid-Summer cartridge event, similar to Frank Wheeler’s and Pete Bigler’s estate auctions.

it, and the location is listed under the events section on the IAA website too.