Matuya & Co


Anyone know anything about this Japanese company?

The first label is the outside label that these were sold as in the US:

The second label was underneath the Little Adam label. This is who I believe made it:

And here is what is inside:


What are these meant to be fired from?




For a product made in Japan, The American name for the product seems a bit callous. I believe I have one of the little pistols around here somewhere, but it is easy to lose track of it.

How many of the pinfire cartridges are in each capsule?


How many of the pinfire cartridges are in each capsule?[/quote]

10 in each, 58 of the 100 left in box.


Thanks haegar, I have seen a photo of this pistol before. At first I didn’t realise that these were capsules holding small pinfired blanks, I thought they had to be loaded into some sort of gun as the capsules.



Came across this in Issue 418 of the Journal: (love my new archive disk!)

"Little Atom

Trademark 594,091 Aug 24, 1954
Gold-Silver & Co, & G&S Mfg, Nashville
For miniature blank cartridge firing pistols and blank cartridges.

Claims use since on or about Nov 25, 1950"

Patents and Trademarks by Jim Sones on page 31.

A thought on Matuya & Co…Perhaps they actually made just the capsules the blanks were later packaged in?



Well that was painfully obvious. It didn’t even cross my mind.

Their history shows they stated making the soft gelatin capsules in 1929.

My guess is that the capsules were still loaded in Japan though since there is the [JAPAN] sticker sealing each capsule.

Also, if they were made here “Gold-Silver & Co, & G&S Mfg, Nashville” probably would have taken out a patent and not just a trademark.

I am going to email the company from the Japanese website and see if they know anything.


Aaron - the cartridge boxes are marked “Matuya” while your on-line reference is for the Matsuya (note “s” in name) company. Are you sure they are the same company?


When searching for “Matuya & Co” relating to capsules I came across a document stating the full name of the company as “Matuya Co. Ltd, Japan.” when doing a translated search for that company all the results pointed to “Matsuya Co., Ltd.” as the Japanese transliteration of 株式会社松屋. So the literal translation from Google translate may be different than what they actually transliterated the name of their company as in the 1950s.

Also, this company is based in Osaka still.

And, the modern box examples on their website with English translations also say Matuya:


Aaron - Great! Absolute confirmation and documentation that they are the same company. Good work. I wasn’t able to make the translator work, so glad you posted that picture with your response. This kind of info, verified and documented, is what makes this Forum so good.
Thanks for your efforts. These little cartridges are outside of my field, but the company information is not.