Mauser 1914 pocket manual


Firstly, I would like to apologise because my question does not have much to do with cartridges but I want to know the following. Does anyone have a PDF copy of the manual I mentioned above?.

Regards. Ado


Ado - I don have a PDF (whatever that means) copy, but I have a professional reprint of the Mauser 1910 (6.35mm) and 1914 (7.65mm) manual (both pistols are covered in the same manual). It is in the German language. I don’t really need it, as I have an original in my library that is basically the same. If you PM me your mailing address, I will send it to you via air mail. It measures approximately 15cm by 10cm, like the originaland has 35 pages. It is a quality reprint, I think.


John (and anyone else who doesn’t know)-- To add to your file of information, a PDF file is a Portable Document File and is the extension used by Adobe Systems for the documents that you need the Adobe Reader (Free) to read. It is a very good way of sending copies of manuals, etc. over the internet. It allows an exact copy, including images and text, to be tranfered between computers.


Ron - Thanks. I am probably the only one left on planet earth that didn’t know that. My wife thinks so highly of my computer skills that she offered me a chisel and a flat piece of stone the other day, for sending messages to my friends.