Mauser cartridge ID ?!?


HI !
I didn’t see until now this “type” of 7.92x57mm Mauser cartridge !

ID help pls !

Thank you .


To me it looks like “edq”; Deutsche Waffen-und Munitionsfabriken A.-G., Lübeck-Schlutup, Weslörstrasse, Germany.


Thank you.

I would say…

  • 12 o’clock : 11 (november ?)
  • 3 o’clock : 42 (…)
  • 6 o’clock : “bpa!?!?
  • 9 o’clock : S* (probably brass)

…so ?!?


As Jon is saying it is “edq”. Made a few km/mls from where I live.


Ok…my bad…now I “see” it ! ;-)

12 o’clock : “edq
3 o’clock : S*
6 o’clock : 11 (november ?)
9 o’clock : 42 (…)

Thank you.

Any ‘special’ about THIS “type” of 7.92x57mm Mauser cartridge ?


It is not November but the 11th lot of 1942.

Just a small warning about this cartridge.
Before ripping the cartridge apart you must be 100% sure about his identity.

This lot is known as; an SmK tracer, SmK dim tracer, normal and V, B-Patrone-v and B- Patrone –v Trop.
The last two I would not unload with the kinetic hammer.



Thank you .

So…is this cartridge a tracer or … (for rifle or/and…?) ?!

Before ripping the cartridge apart …

“Ripping apart” … !? ;-/


Is this cartridge a tracer or … ?!


You can not know that with only the headstamp. As Dutch wrote, this headstamp is also used on loadings with B-patronen, and this is a dangerous projectile to handle. B-patronen should have it’s distinctive marking on the projectile, but that may have disapeared if this round have been laying outside in the ground for quite some years. So handle this one carefully until properly identified.


If you use a kinetic hammer, the B-Patrone bullet can explode.



So, is this a incendiary/explosive 7.92x57mm Mauser round ?!


It can be, or it can be a tracer. Both ordinary tracer and explosive bullets have been loaded with this headstamp. So we can not decide this by only looking at the headstamp.