Mauser(?) clip ID

I found this clip, which i suppose it’s a Mauser one. Can someone tell me more about the marking on the front, or other details? Thanks in advance!

It’s a Czechoslovakian 7.9 mm charger made by Československá Zbrojovka a. s., Brno.



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Is it possible to know the period when it was used or at least the rifle that used it?

Period is WWII. The Germans used this kind of clip as Beuteladestreife. I suppose they used it for all clip-loading rifles in 7,9 mm.

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Thanks! So basically it was produced in occupied Czsk, right?

After WW1, Czechoslovakia obtained former German machinery to make rifles as well as cartridges. In the early twenties, they developed their own variants of the Mauser design and created new automatic weapons. All these fired the German 7.9 mm ammunition under the new Czechoslovak caliber designation 7.92 mm.
You clip is therefore not necessarily from the period of German occupation.

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The clip is a “Roth Pattern” one, made of three parts rather than the usual two, a body with an inserted spring. The Roth Pattern has a spring between the body and a pressure plate, this is meant to even out the spring forces acting on the base of the cartridge and to make it easier to load the rifle’s magazine in one smooth action … although when I tried both types against each other the difference was marginal.

Here’s what a clean one looks like;

Here’s one I took apart;



TURKEY also used this type of clip, fromthe late 1920s onwards ( first foreign contracts of 7.9 by Hirtenberg, 1928 or so) and also made their own with ZB supplied machinery at the Kirikkale Rifle Factory.
The OP example is missing the pressure plate.
Doc AV

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So it was probably used for a ZB or Mauser.

I got it, thanks a lot!

Definitely for a Mauser type rifle, but the clips also fitted in a loading tool designed to help fill the magazine of the ZB 33 light machine gun, here’s a picture of one in use.


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These clips were also used with 7,9 mm Kurzpatronen 43.

Norbert Berg

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