Mauser stripper clip

anybody can identify this manufacturer (triangle) on mauser stripper clip?

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Post-WWII Czech (45-51 approx)
Doc AV

Are you sure about period? I found it on old german shooting range in Poland. Noone here used any after war produced mauser ammo… Also we were hostile to CSR till 1958.

I’m not so sure about this being post-1945 Czech production, all those that I’ve seen have had the “triangle” marking “point downwards” and have a prominent and well stamped date.



This one seems to have the marking lying on its side which makes it a mystery to me … I’ve not seen its like before.


Peter, would the clip in question be a Czech post war type at all: 4 vs 6 ribs?

Whoops … it was getting very late and I was careless in choosing an example, post-1945 Czech production included both two and three lug chargers;



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Yes, the triangle mark is set to along the length. The vertices are also rounded. They are not perfect angles like those you shown. As I said It’s imposible to find postwar Czech Mauser in Poland. Especially on IIWW german shooting range.

Also arent they made from steel (postwar Czech)?

It would help to pin down age of this clip to know whether it has the original style waisted spring or the constant width type shown above. If waisted, greater the possibility of being pre-1946. Jack

Yes, that’s the one I meant by “waisted”. Jack

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Thank You for help!

This is one of the unknown German manufacturers from IWW period to 1930’s


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I suspect these are all from unknown makers during the period 1914-1918, equally as they’re unplated brass they look quite similar to early Chinese made ones like this;

Another mystery, as with so much that’s clip related.