Mauser Vergueiro / Mauser Persa?

Tell me please. Why 6.5x58 Mauser Vergueiro called 6.5x58 P Persian Nº.1 1902??

The 6.5x56.5R Shah or Persia No1 (aka 7x57R) is a straight case Express type 1902 cartridge drawing by SFM and is not the 6.5x58 Portugeuse Mauser.

6.5 x 70 R Shah of Persia cartridge: … =8&t=11597

That post by Phil, whilst very informative, doesn’t appear to describe the full story. The 6.5x73.5R Shah of Persia was the No2 design by SFM and is the only one known to exist.

The one that Aeron alludes to with the shorter case shouldrefer to the 6.5x56.5R No 1 Shah of Persia.

WBD, do you have more information on the 6.5x56.5R Shah and the 6.5x70R Shah?
Any history, dimensions or a photo would be appreciated
I have always been interested in European cartridges as they are more uncommon here.
I have both of your books and know George Hoyem. He got me started with this addiction. (smile)

WBD, bdgreen. Thanks for the answers.
But I do not understand about 6.5x56.5R.
Cartridge 6.5x56.5R Shah No1 does not exist?

6.5x73.5R Shah I found.

Sincerely Aeron.

Aeron, if you use the link in bdGreen’s post you will see that the first cartridge for the Shah had a 73.5mm TOTAL cartridge length. Here is a scale drawing of that cartridge from SFM drawing 9059 which does not give the case length. Using the scale you can see that the case is about 56.5mm. Others must have done something similar and got 58mm (a bit inaccurate) which is probably where your “6.5x58 P Persian Nº.1 1902” came from.

Brian, not a lot else I can add to the post by Phil. I have Drawing 9059 and 9059F but 9059 is faint and doesn’t contain much in detail.

Has any information survived on what the Shah of Persia was intending to hunt with this calibre?

Thank you WBD,
You are always a wealth of information when it comes to rare and unusual European cartridges.


WBD thank you for your answers. Sincerely Aeron.