Maxxtech .40S&W with Maxxtech headstamp

I received a 100rd can of Maxxtech (Pobjeda) .40S&W brass case ammo today. I had thought these would have a “pobjeda” headstamp as the .380acp and 9mm have had, but these turned out to be MAXXTech stamped. With the high rate of case metal & headstamp variety experienced over the past year with Pobjeda, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we see 9mm with a Maxxtech headstamp sometime soon.

I see that there is also a 50rd boxed packaging version for this same load (same headstamp), and there is now also a standard 50rd box version of the steel case Maxxtech line with Pobjeda headstamped cases:

Below is the headstamp for the .40S&W Maxxtech. On an unrelated note - the retailer who shipped my order had accidentally included some frangible core “Onestrike” 9mm from Allegiance Ammo which had JAG 11 headstamped brass:

Matt, thanks a lot for the update!
As I can not find a 100% clear statement on the Pobjeda site: is MAXXTech a product line of Pobjeda (as I currently believe) or a customer of Pobjeda?
Just to be sure.

I’m not really sure, although I had assumed it was Pobjeda’s own branding. I say that because very soon after coming out with their own line of Pobjeda branded packaging, there simultaneously came the exact same product with Maxxtech branding, but the same exact cartridges as far as headstamp, etc… The label on this .40S&W can says “By Pobjeda Technology”. It has been my guess that the use of “Maxxtech” as a name, was to garner more interest from any previous customer of the “Brassmax” line which they did for Tula, and it also has a more familiar English sound as opposed to “Pobjeda”.

Yes, the sound of the name made me think it might be just for marketing as people usually do easier (+ the connected psychology) with wording they know from their own language sphere.

Maxx Tech is a brand of Pobjeda. Pobjeda as of 2012 has been controlled by Ulyanovsk, Russia. Hence the poor headstamp marking as probably Russian. The normal Pobjeda and PG headstamps are quite clearly defined.

Ulyanovsk belonged to TCW in that time. Should Pobjeda’s parent then not be TCW?

The Pobjeda steel cases are made in Bosnia. I asked them explicitely this question and they told me.
Also Ulyanovsk headstamps look better than the Pobjeda ones which’s bunters seem to be made by eroding while Ulyanovsk used traditional ones. Today commercial production of Ulyanovsk has TCW (Tulammo) headstamps.

Yes Should be TCW as the ultimate parent… I emailed them as well and was told the headstamps were made in Russia…lol

Sorry if I am being redundant, but “MaxxTech” is a trademark owned in USA by Pobjeda Technology of BiH, while “BrassMaxx” is a trademark owned in the USA by Tulammo USA, Inc. of Texas.

Also, although in 2013 Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works of Russia purchased 50% of the shares of Pobjeda, this is already old news because last year they sold all of their shares to ACS Age Holdings, Inc. of Kansas. That’s right, Pobjeda is now an American-Bosnian company!

Man, these people are really annoying.
How can we do at least something even close to scientific research when even a manufacturer is giving contradicting info!?

I am surprised that anyone gets any answer at all from the factories. In the U.S., I have never been successful at getting answers to questions like that unless I had a personal friend with the company. You have to be some “well-known” hack gun writer from the popular gun press to get any answer at all, or with LE and even then, if not an “official” call, it helps to know someone at the factory.

It is odd that the industry is relatively scornful of collectors, when it is obvious from all the ridiculous loads they bring out that the are, in a sense, pandering to them, and the fact that probably about 85% of the relatively to very accuract cartridge research and literature is the work of collectors, not the industry or the government. In articles I have written, I have seldom gone to Government or Industry sources, other than printed matter which is often inaccurate, for research. Other collectors have been the best and most-used source, both with their knowledge, and pursuing avenues of research that I either had not thought of or could not find.

So, it is not a surprise that some factories, even though they are willing to make an answer, give conflicting information. I had that experience with the industry in Switzerland over a 9 x 23 headstamp from Thun that was found in Spain and presumed to be “Toledo,” but had such Swiss characteristics, that I did a lot of contacting in that country. I was originally told by three different industry sources that they had never made such a caliber, but then found a friend in a gun club in Trevaux that knew about them, and thanks to Frank N., from this Forum and a personal friend as well, put me on to a Lady in the Swiss industry who had all the answers that none of the men could or would provide.

John, sending e-mails and questions is indeed pointless.
As mentioned in another thread one needs to approach them (at exhibitions not open to the public) from a perspective customer side or on a professional level.
The word “collector” or “private interest” is a show stopper!