May/June 2007 JOURNAL


Just got mine. I’m so happy. Just braggin’.



Got mine today too. I’ve already read it cover to cover. I think we need to convince Chris to put one out every two weeks instead of two months. ;) :)



Yea! At the least every two weeks. There ARE a lot of bullets out there, so it’s not like there’s a lack of material to cover. But since we’re talking about it, a weekly would be much better. All color. Maybe with an included CD version so we can save it on the computer. And a “How To” article on making cutaway/sectioned cartridges. By Paul Smith.



I love the enthusiam for the Journal, which I share. Chris does a fantastic job with it. However, don’t think that there isn’t a shortage of material. The information to fill ten thousand Journals of 60 pages is out there among you guys, but few of you sit down and write an article for the Journal, and sometimes Chris is right at the edge of not having enough material for the “next one.”

Why not take pen in hand and write about what interests you? I know he is always in need of information in every field, but perhaps rimfire and shotgun get slighted the most in the Journal, I suppose because those guys have their own Journals. It does short-change the rest of us though, that don’t collect in those fields but like to learn about ALL ammunition.

You don’t have to be a great writer to write an article. That is why we have an editor. Chris is good at catching spelling errors, etc. Besides, it is the information that is important.

The stuff I see on this forum proves to me that there are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of you guys out there that are fully capable, both in your knowledge and your ability to express it, to supply articles for the Journal. Most ammunition topics would be welcome, and I’m sure Chris would not be shy about returning anything that wasn’t appropriate, for one reason or another. Can’t think of much that wouldn’t be, off hand!

So, come on you guys. Share that fabulous knowledge you all have in your own fields with all of us. Remember, many of the people in our hobby are not necesssarily computer guys, and don’t see this Forum. The Forum compliments the Journal, it does not replace it. I am not a computer guy at all - I had to be kicked screaming and crying onto this forum by great guys like John S. and Iconoclast, who realized even an old dummy like me could figure out how to do it. I even resisted the change to this current format, which now that I am on it, realize is easier to work than the old one, and ten times better.

Just as I found I was capable of using the forum, you guys out there are capable of writing an article or two for the Journal! 'Nuff said!


Well, I haven’t received my copy yet, but on the topic of articles for the Journal, I wonder if Chris has considered lifting some of the discussions from the forum? There have been quite a few where a tremendous amount of good material has been shared.


Guy - I can’t speak for Chris, but the problem I find with that is it is putting him in the position of not only having to edit and put together the Journal, which is a huge amount of work, but also basically writing it, or parts of it, other than the original articles he already contributes from time to time, like the .450 Romanian article in the current issue. I’d hate to see him go to all that work.

The same people that write very eloquently here on the Forum should dig into their notes, and collections, and see if they don’t have something to share with the Journal readers, as well as the Forum gang. There is overlap of course, but they aren’t necessarily the same group. These computers are not only great for the forum, email, the web, etc., but they are also very good word processors and make writing an article much easier than it used to be. Digital cameras and scanners have made it easier to provicde visual material, as well.

There is a lot of talent tuning in here - a huge amount of knowledge from people with the ability to impart it with the written word. They prove that on this forum.

  • I haven’t received yet the last IAA Journal. In my opinion each IAA member should write something for the Journal, there is plenty of info which is ignored and not shared between the IAA members. Today we know quite a lot about ammo, codes, manufacturers but let’s think how many things we do NOT know and how many questions still remain unanswered. Liviu 05/11/07


John acts as my combined Business Manager and Mental Health Practitioner (though his credentials on the latter are suspect). He is correct: it is a matter of available time. You will find the occasional piece from the forum in the Journal and several recent articles are the result of me approaching people who have exhibited knowledge in a specific area when answering forum questions.
If you (or any other volunteer) would like to pull together short articles from Forum responses in a format I can easily “drop” into the Journal, I would be most grateful. In some case, it will require asking the original poster for better quality photos as many of the photos on the forum are poor quality (and this is where the time factor comes in).
The posters should be acknowledged even if they are too shy to use their real names, and you (or other volunteer) would be credited: “Compiled by Guy H… from the IAA Forum responses”.
Chris P.


There is no one


NOTE FOR PREZ- Tell Pepper to write up to 300 words to go with 4-6 photos about anything he likes and sent to Chris P. Repeat monthly forever or until out of neat stuff to write about (forever plus 2 millenia…)

Anyone who has missed seeing Pepper’s displays at SLICS should plan on going just to see one! That alone would justify the trip! Each one has enough material for dozens or hundreds of Journal articles, and trying to cram everything into a single article would be impossible unless we get a special Journal the size of a phone book.


I have never been to any AMMO show before and am fired up to hopefully get a chance next year. More then anything, I want to see one of Pepper’s extremely comprehensive, award winning displays. Too bad he does not repeat displays as I have been drooling over the 3 pics on the IAA HOME PAGE showing his “Flechette”, display. Being that APFSDS rounds are one of my primary interests, I was bummed I missed his historic display of flechette related items of all sizes. My knowledge base is so limited compared to so many hard-core experts I have met on this forum. Regardless, I will try writing a piece for the Journal on US Tank Fired DS rounds. I just want to wait to see if I can add some additional “Big Bore”, artifacts to include in other calibers.

I received my copy of the Journal not too long ago and it is great! Thanks to all of you who worked so hard creating it as well as to all the incredible authors who wrote the articles. LEW’S photo of the balloon projectile and Dr. Schmitt’s photo of the Dora projectile with its case were my fav’s!