May-June Issue of Journal

Who do I contact about mailing of the Journal? As of this I haven’t received Issue #461. Any help would be Appreciated. Thanks,Ray

Ray, issue 461 was mailed at the end of April. In the US it goes by 2nd class mail. Elsewhere it uses ISAL/Media mail. They should start arriving this week if you live in the US. Chris P.

Chris, thanks for the reply .I guess I just can’t wait For it to arrive, Ray

I just recieved mine yesterday


I just got mine today in California.


Gotta get the E-Journal!!!

Think the post office is set up just to aggravate collectors. Although we are within 75 miles of each other Gary Hoffman received his Journal on the 15th. Mine came on the 17th and John Moss got his today. I am the furthest east so guess they must just deliver them helter skelter.


People who are really anxious to get their Journals hot off the press should consider the Email Journal. I just started that for me, although I use it somewhat differently than most would. However, I can see how computer literate guys could get by easily with just the electronic one. I want, and get, the printed Journal as well. I just figured for twenty-five bucks, a pretty paltry sum these days, it was worth adding that. I went to lunch by myself the ohter day in a restaurant and the bill for a nice Kung Pao lunch, with tip, was twenty bucks, and due to medication, I couldn’t have my usual cocktail with it. Getting the Journal immediately and having the second copy to work with in the way I use it is worth far more than one chicken lunch - even a Kung Pao chicken lunch!

Thanks Everyone I received it today by Pony Express. It’s that way in Northeast Penna.

I got mine last week in Holland…
And the E-Journal at 04-24


Got mine 3 days ago here in England.

I continue to look forward to my copy here in the Florida wilderness - must be a fear of gators that keeps the mailman at bay.

I guess we poor Canadians can wait another month to get it like the last edition. Guess I will sign up for the e-bulletin tomorrow and let the Polar Bears play with the paper copy.

Now that I get the electronic Journal, and have seen it, I would not be without either it or the printed one. I like to have the printed one to keep that archive in my library complete, and for back up - I have every copy - but then I am a paper guy, not a computer guy. However, the electronic one allows me to pick out individual items that I want to print for filing appropriately in my print library, where I can find it instantly. Admittedly, with Punnett’s fabulous index, that has become a little less important, but I still do it. I get much nicer copies of my computer’s lazer color printer, even in black and white, than when I simply made copies on my Canon copy machine.

For me to get the electronic one was a big step, believe me. When I got the first trial copy as an Officer of IAA, I told them not to even bother sending me the other trials copies because they were of no interest to me. I didn’t think about the usefulness to me that they really are, although granted, it is somewhat a different use than most of you 20th Century guys would put it to. Great for 19th Century Neandertals like me though.

another advantage of both for those that want it. If one is lost in the mail, I can simply print out the entire Journal and have it in my print library too, without bothering anyone to get another or to have them copy it for me.

  • I got my printed copy [here in TN] of the IAA Journal #461 on May 17th. Liviu 05/22/08

Mine arrived in Miami, Florida 3 days ago :-) It is awesome as usual!


Mine just arrived here in SW Ontario (that’s Canada you know) yesterday.