May/June Journal #473


Just wondering how many have received latest Journal? Still waiting for my copy.

Jeff Manske
aka bigammo


I got mine a few days ago


I got mine well over a week ago, I think. Everyone should really think about the electronic Journal, as well as the published paper copy. All in color, you can print out only the pages you need for your files in your interest-fireld if you want, and still get the printed one for a permanent file set. That’s what I do. Twenty-five bucks a year - that’s the price of a movie for two if you buy the popcorn and the coke in the theater.

Then, you can start enjoying the Journal about two weeks before anyone gets the written copy.

Just my opinion. I’ve said it before here, I know, and likely will again. Twenty-five bucks - about two and a half dollars a month extra above your dues for a printed copy. That’s a pittance, these days.

John M.


Not yet but …Waiting for Godot.


BUT WAIT, IT GETS BETTER! (as the TV salesmen say…)

John Moss thinks it is a great bargain to get the digital Journal for $25, but that is the regular price if you ONLY get the digital version, or the old price if you wanted to add a digital version.

The new policy is that members who subscribe to the printed paper version can now get an additional subscription to the digital version FOR ONLY $10.00 MORE!

With the money you save, you can afford to send the spouse to the movies on their own, WITH popcorn and a coke while you read the IAA Journal and you will both have a good time!


If it sounds too professional, very few of you know that John is an American TV candy cane salesman.


JohnS - Hey, I been robbed. I get the regular printed issue and I paid 25 bucks! : )

Seriously, sorry about the error. I didn’t know there had been a change. Since leaving the Board, I don’t pay attention to any of the inner-workings described in the bulletin - takes time away from reading all the great articles by our guys about cartridges. Guess I will have to find out the rules on the ten buck subscription for when I renew the electronic version next year.

Again, sorry if I confused the issue about the price. You were right - it just keeps getting better! For ten bucks extra, don’t know why everyone doesn’t get the electronic one. Heck, that’s the cost of one box of Russian steel-case 9 mm ammo, shot up in three or four minutes, without even any salvage for reloading! You can enjoy that all-color version of the IAA Journal forever.

John Moss


John Moss–I think the $10 price was just voted in at the SLICS show last month. The price applies to anyone, including Life Members, that currently get the paper journal.


Ron - thanks for the information. I think I paid this year for two years in advance, so will leave it at that. It was a good deal at 25 bucks, as far as I am concerned. At ten bucks, its a steal!

John Moss


John, and other IAA print Journal members who also get the eJournal.

We went in and extended your eJournal membership based on what you had paid.

John, your eJournal membership now expires in January 2015! Your 2 year subscription to the eJournal became a 5 year subscription.

For All, This is a good deal. The eJournal is typically available about the same time the print Journal goes to the printer, so you get a copy two or three weeks earlier. In addition, all the photos that are supplied in color by the authors are in color in the text, not just the center “color pages”. The eJournal is a good deal whether you get it on it’s own or in conjunction with the print Journal. Like John, I get both.




Lew - if it can be reversed, it was not my intention to have any extension of my electronic journal, but rather just leave the money there as a donation to the cause. It is well worth what I orginally paid, although it is always nice when you can reduce a cost for the guys.
I applaud the move, but not necessary to back-credit me with anything!

John Moss


Ah !

eJournal -the answer to the slow delivery to Canada.

I’ve received two Precision Shooting since the last IAA print Journal and that one is sent by the U.S. Post camel train …

It probably would not be so bad except everyone always talk about the contents long before Canada Post delivers.



Glenn - if you want the electronic version only, it is 25.00 US$ I think, and is a very good buy at that. It really is the answer for overseas or Canadian members, I think. If you like paper copies, you can always print it out and if you have a good color printer, they come out great. I print out just the pages I want to file separately for quicker availability when I am looking for one of the articles. I also like the printed one just for my record set of copies, in case I miss anything. Chris Punnetts yearly update of the Index for the printed ones has increased the usefulness of the printed on by ten times, at least. That’s why I take both.

John Moss


Don’t forget that the cumulative INDEX is updated every time a new issue comes out and is posted on the main IAA site.


John, the IAA Board made the decision to extend the eJournal subscriptions of print Journal members so we did it for everyone. I had just paid for 4 years of the eJournal in January. Now it is problematic that I will survive to complete my eJournal subscription. Why should we make an exception for you. You will just have to live with an eJournal subscription through 2015.




Is the procedure for adding an e-journal subscription the same as for renewing your membership - i.e. send a PayPal payment with a note that it is for the e-journal?


I hadn’t thought of that, which could explain why my printer that I got about a year ago is still sitting on my desk not even hooked up, and no ink cartridges in it…
Mind you, I just reverted back to the print version, the e-journal lacked any presence or sense of occasion (yes I really said that). I simply stored them as files, rarely looked at them, and just seemed uninspired by them. There is something more visceral and of the moment when the Journal arrives in the mail, even if it takes a few extra weeks to get here.


Kolibri - I have no counter for that answer. That is carrying the receipt of information to a whole different level! : ) : )

Of course, I get both, so I don’t have to worry about it, and I don’t have to xerox articles of special interest on my mediocre copy machine, or tear apart my bound copy, to fille those special articles where I can retreive the information instantly when I need it.

John M.