Maybe New Tokarevs?!?!?

As they are buying foreign made for more than a decade I guess they will take SADU, S&B or PPU.
I wonder if they can buy in Vietnam and China is right out here.
Old stocks were depleted or hopelessly expired so have to get new ones.

Hmmm, I wonder what happened with these other sources:

Non-Standard Ammunition Procurement US 2011.pdf (1.5 MB)

Non-Standard Ammunition & Non-Standard Weapons, Orbital-ATK, 2016.pdf (1.4 MB)

Brian, maybe ran out of stock, too few capacities, quality issues (can imagine that with POF for example)?
Many factors here I guess.

And probably all has to be tendered out when a new contract is to be issued, no matter who supplied before? Means same companies could get new contracts anyways?

That would be my guess!


Vietnam would make me very happy!

Why? The stuff would be delivered to places where the next regime change would take place.
Getting it from there is usually very complicated…

The 7.62x25 cartridge has been in the US inventory for a while, but information about purchase orders is very limited. The army has been looking for sources of this cartridges as early as 2007, and the last contract was awarded to DAG Ammo Corp. in 2016 . Also, there are two different DoD identification codes assigned: P019 and P025.

Who exactly is “DAG Ammo Corp.”, and what Tokarev ammo did they supply???

Jon - DAG is usually “Dynamit Actien-Gesellschaft.” I had the same question though, since I have never had even a hint that they have produced that case type, even under the 7.63 mm Mauser name, since the end of WWII. Geco produced it with both RWS and Geco headstamps for years, as we all know, but a true Tokarev, if there is such a thing, in recent times? A major surprise to me if the DAG is the one we all know.

John M.

DAG Ammo Corp. is an American company located in Spotsylvania, VA, where “DAG” stand for “Dominic A. Grasso”. They usually provide products made by Tula Cartridge Works, but the award was for 25,000 rounds of PPU ammunition.


I forgot to mention that now they are also the owners of the “MAXX Tech” trademark in the US.

End of mystery. Thanks, as always, Fede.

John M.

Another connection with DAG Ammo Corp. that is worth of mention are the new “MAXX Tech” brand boxes made for them by Pobjeda Technology. Since the Bosnian company lost a demand against the owners of the “Magtech” brand -probably due to phonetic similitude-, the previous “MAXXTech” brand can’t be used anymore and the new one is showing the brand name in two separated lines with either “By Pobjeda Technology Gorazde” or “By GH Ammunition” in the middle. The latter stand for “Grasso Holdings” and their boxes are also marked “Distributed by GHI, Round Rock, Texas” (GHI = Grasso Holdings, Inc.). See examples below.



I have noticed on some U.S. distributor databases that ammo from Tula is listed as “Grasso Holdings” being the manufacturer. These distributor databases are notorious for inconsistencies & errors though, and Grasso is the sole importer of Tula ammo in the U.S., not the manufacturer of course. The setup is similar to how PPU ammo in the U.S. is all through one importer - TR&Z.