McKinnon Industries Fuze Sectioned

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Again, this is not my area of expertise, but thought the item was cool. My friend also needed money, but I hope I didn’t over pay for this specimen.

The history I have on this fuze is: my friends grandfather worked at McKinnon Industries in St. Catharines Ontario as a machinist, and this has been in his family for a while.

According to my research, McKinnon Industries LTD began making percussion fuses in 1939 for WWII efforts.

The only stamp on this fuze is as follows:
No 119 I MI/C 4/40

Given the “4/40” portion of the stamp, I am assuming this was produced April of 1940?

Could the “MI/C” portion of stamp be contributed to McKinnon Industries?

Any information on this piece would be appreciated!

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It’s a No 119 Mk I fuze
You’re correct in its date of manufacture and that MI/C is the monogram of McKinnon Industries.

They also manufactured No. 199 & 222 fuzes together with No. 9 & 11 primers

That’s great Tim, thank you very much!

Might there be a piece of the interior workings missing on the right hand side? If so, would i be able to find sed piece?


Nothing missing. There’s another two of those holes, they are vent holes and their purpose is to relieve pressure in the middle portion of the body should the detonator(s) fire prematurely.

Interesting information. Thank you Tim! I appreciate your assistance!