Found a pristine unfired 38 Special today with MDPD headstamp “MDPD (over) 38 SPL”. We in Maryland immediately think of MD equating to this state but there is a Miami-Dade Police Dept (1997-present) and no Maryland (state) Police Dept. Cartridge loaded with a wad-cutter lead bullet seated to the case mouth. The 38 SPL portion of the headstamp looks just like the “38 SPL” on current R-P 38 ammo. Anybody know anything more about it?


Volume 1 of Ottos’ 38’s identifies it as being made by Starline in the 1980’s for the “Metro Dade Police Department”, however the present correct terminology in Miami (on their website) appears to be “Miami Dade Police Department”. Google shows that both terms exist and refer to the same thing.