Meaning of Mexican headstamp

Hi all can anybody please tel me what MUSA. and DIM mean in these headstamps?

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Hello @polman. To be honest I can’t find any reference of the MUSA headstamp right now but I can tell you for sure DIM means Dirección de la Industria Militar, which in englishs would be Military Industry Headquarters. However I will look into the first photos.

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Hi JavierBec.
Thanks for this information on DIM!

And I look forward to the MUSA information you can find.
Really appreciate it.

Many regards rene

How do these look sideways? May we see?

Left are MUSA.
right two are DIM

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The Cartridge Guide by Ian Hogg says
Manufacture Universal SA, Mexico City, Mexico

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So all of these are military? Did Mexico field shot guns?

“MUSA” was made by Manufacturera Universal, S.A., Distrito Federal*. it was established in 1940 and dissolved in 1946. Between 1945-46 it was mostly owned by a US company named Hunter Mfg. Co. of Bristol, Pennsylvania, who during WW2 loaded 20 mm cartridges and artillery shells.

“DIM” stand for Departamento de la Industria Militar, Tecamachalco, Distrito Federal*. It was established in 1918 but this designation was used since 1947. It was briefly known as Dirección de la Industria Militar in 1946-47.

*Since 2016 renamed Mexico City (Ciudad de México).

They were made for the civilian market.




Thank you very much for this detailed information.
Didn’t realise they were already that old.

Many regards Rene

Great discovery, thanks.