Meaning of "SM" on gas blanks

The following images are of a .450 (45 Short) CS gas blank by/for Helmut Diehl, and an 8mm gas blank by Hirtenberger. Both have “SM” on the headstamp. I have been told that “SM” stands for “Schusswaffen und Munition” but I do not understand the context. Is “Schusswaffen und Munition” the name of a company or a reference to European legislation governing the use of CS blanks (both have been suggested to me), or is there a third explanation?

(I do not collect gas blanks, per se, unless they are .450/.45 Short. I have included the image of the 8mm to show that “SM” is used on gas blanks of different calibers and manufacturers.)

Chris P.

Chris - Regenstreif, In “Culots de Munitions Atlas, Tome 1,” page 265, identifies the “SM” mark as standing for “Schusswaffen und Munitions.” I do not know if that is correct or not, but am not willing to challenge it.

One thing is sure, it is a trademark of Rh

Thanks John, that’s a great help. The implication being that both Diehl and HP made these for Rh

John & Chris, my understanding is that SM is the abbreviation of the “Chemnitzer Sportwaffen- und Munitionsfabrik” of Chemnitz, Germany. “SM” = Sportwaffen + Munition. This was established in 1992.

This company took over the Rh


Obviously, you are right that Chemnitzer now seems to hold the trademark. Their product line is unimpressive, in the extreme, considering the wide assortment of calibers and types (gas and blank primarily) that R

John, you may not be able to reconcile the date 1992 but I think you maybe reading too much into what I wrote.

The website states that (translated by Babelfish): “The enterprise Chemnitzer sporting gun and ammunition factory GmbH exists since 1992 and manufactures primarily ammunition for long and short weapons.”

I never said that Chemnitzer took over R

It appears that Rh

… I meant to add - check out this link

for some pictures of the blanks offerd by Rh

Brad - I reread your first entry, and from your wording, would still have the impression that you were ascribing the SM trademark to Chemnitzer since 1992, but no matter. Thanks for the clarification. With all three of us researching it, we are getting a full answer I think. That’s what it often takes.


John, sorry I didn’t make it clear. However, I searched my database some more and found some more info (this mainly comes from ECRA articles):


Thanks both of you,

Can I ask you to confirm the correct name for the company as it appears above as Rh

Chris, all the references I have (and the website you showed us) have it as : "Rh

Thanks Brad.
Unfortunately, my references are split 50/50 on the “sportswaffen” versus “sportswaffenfabrik” but none of them represent any official registration of the company name. I’ll have to chase it up from the other end - ie: Weisbach commercial directories or the like.

Chris P.

Well, this is my third try to post this reply. See if the third time is a charm.

Brad - Great information you added. That really ties in with the information I had. Thanks for posting it. This is turning into a really good “company history” thread.

Regarding the name, while my sources show just “Sportwaffen,” it seems that between us, most of the sources have “Sportswaffenfabrik,” I would tend to go with that name unless other sources like Chris cited can confirm it one way or another.

I’m still running 50/50 on the “sportwaffen” versus “sportwaffenfabrik”. The former is how the company shows its name on guns it has made, while the latter is used frequently (but not exclusively) by people talking about their products.

What does the entry in Kettner’s catalog show?

I have not yet found any company advertising or company registration.
Chris P.

Chris - everything I had on it until this thread said "Rh

SM seems to have loaded or sold whatever they could find in terms of ammunition. There is currently surplus ammo on their website.

A few years ago I was given this empty tin by a shooter in Germany who said it contained Geco hst cartridges, but he couldn’t remember the headstamp. The back of the can is dated “17.Sep.2003” and overstamped “Los 02 B”. I suspect these cases were marked on the side in black ink “SM”.

Not very relevant to gas blanks, but if anybody has a full box of these I’d sure like a photo of the headstamp.

I also have this proof box from SM. the rounds were S&B cases with black painted bases and marked on the side of the case “090904 SM”.

Lew - not relevant to gas blanks perhaps, but very relevant to the story of “SM.” Thanks for posting. I had never even heard of these.