Meaning of "super-handicap"


What does “super-handicap” mean on the side of 12g shotshell?



I’ll assume your shell is for Trap or Skeet (perhaps Sporting Clays these days) target use. With these, like many competitive sports, “hadicapping” is done to bring scoring to an even playing field when you have a disparity in skill levels but wish to have direct competition.

I think the expression is used to imply it is a premium brand of shell intended for competition use by top shooters. (Likely more sales hype than anything.)

(That or it means they left out the shot so as to really “handicap” the user…)



For trap shooting in America anyway, the “handicap” is one of the 3 main divisions. Handicap is when the shooter stands farther away from the trap house. I assume the “super-handicap” shells are of higher charge & power for longer range trap shooting.


DK is very right. Forgot all about the 27 yard competition and what it’s called! Many small clubs don’t even provide for that range and shoot only singles at 16 yards. Would make sense that the load would be a higher velocity one to help keep the lead down…

Pardon my less than informed earlier post.



I concurr because I have seen Super Handicap trap loads, usually with 1 1/8 ozs of #8 or 7 1/2 shot. Federal, I believe, once offerred a 1 1/4 oz shot load. Its intended to offset the longer distances of handicap for shooters.


Here they are