I need some measurements for a 12mm Dumonthier Rev cartridge I have the info for the thing
but no numbers can any one out there help? and no I do not think it is a Mod 1873 cartridge.
the numbers transmitted from any given cartridge could I also have the head stamp?

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I do have no idea on a 12mm Dumonthier-REVOLVER for CF-Ammo,…I knew only a Pinfire Revolver from Dumonthier in 12mm PF and an older one in 7mm Pinfire with an attached knife.
But I have several Cartridges for the Dumonthier Walking Sticks (Canne fusil), that ammo has the size of the 1873 11mm you can see in the pics…It exists also in 7,5mm and 9mm…many have the Suffix D in front of the caliberstamp. From the size they look like revolverrounds, but they are in fact Rifle Rounds.
Some other Suffixes are: DS = Dumonthier-Sarbacane, D = Dumonthier (but Attention, D is on similar calibers a sign for the Devisme Modell!)

It has either an inside primer, or a battery-cup, or normal primer.

For the gunsmith you can see here the Wiki-Entry (about the bladed Revolver and his walking-stick-guns


This is somewhat of a dilemma I have the same cartridge only with the entwined GG I collect
those French ones and have one in the mod 1873 it was only by accident that I became aware
of the fact i have 2 different cartridges that is why I ask for measurments you will find that the
Dumonthier has a shorter case.But what really put my nose upon it was that new Check book
wich i got and it list the cartridge as a 12mm for can guns but the book is not very good for
various reasons measurements is one of them.On top I should have said I have several of
those Mod 1873 the only one that is missing is the Navy one and the shot load for the 15mm one
I also have a small collection of Devisme and heavy 9 and 12mm French rim but on both the
7mm are missing and yes the very early ones were inside primed.


As an after thought I looked at that pic again In my humble opinion the cartridge shown
is a Dumonthier it is said that the pointed bullet is one of the features of that round
and thanks for the nice pics.