MECA TÜRKEI,Samples of various steelcases I got on IWA 9mm Luger, 9mm Makarov, 9mm P.A. a.s.o

I Show first pics of 9mm P.A. and 9mm LUGER cases; steel with nickel or brass plating.
They told me, they also do pure brass cases, but had none at the booth…
9mm PA (Blank), one with their own hs, the other with customers UMA (Umarex) headstamp:


9mm Luger:

The other calibers will follow in a separate tread, when I have finished the pics




Hope you won’t forget us on this. I am extremely interested in
the headstamps on the 9 x 18 mm Makarov caliber, and precisely
where they were made (in Turkey, for Turkey, or in Turkish Cyprus).

John Moss

In passing, cases from MECA appear, with various
headstamps other than the anoymous, caliber only one
shown above. I have the following:

AMMOLOAD 9MM LUGER (small letters, brass case)
AMMOLOAD 9mm (Larger letter, brass-plated steel case)
MECA 9P (Copper washed or plated steel case)
USA 9mm LUGER (maybe not a finished product, as it has no case
finish and is prone to rusting easily)
USA 9mm LUGER (brass-plated steel case)

All of these cases have the little internal shoulder, some higher up in
the case than others.

John Moss

Hi, here are the pics from the hs for you John…


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Thank you. I see they were made for Fort in Ukraine. That is interesting. It is a new one on me, in steel. Also, for my manuscript, it is a new country making the brass, if these are made in Turkey and not in in Turkish Cyprus. One more to look for.

Great photo, by the way. Thanks again.

John M.