Medef Defence: New center fire ammunition made in Cyprus

New Center Fire Ammunition made in Cyprus in various calibers: 9x18, 9x19, 5.56x45, 7.62x39, 7,62x51 &c

I know that Fort in Ukraine has been importing 9x18 cartridges from this factory.

Those boxes look pretty cool, kinda remind me of the older Remington wasp-style boxes.

Did anyone catch what headstamp will be on these cases? I don’t think I noticed anything in my brief overview.

It’ll be interesting to see if any of this ammunition makes it to Australia, probably not though.

Fede, very interesting!
Is there more background on the Fort relation?

Why Cyprus? They give their address as 2. Street No:12, Alaykoy Industrial Zone, Alaykoy, 9909, Mersin 10 Turkey


Hans, I got puzzled as well but the explanation seems to be here (from their site):
The story has begun in 1981 by an enthusiastic hunter who has been the most famous Turkish Cypriot hunter and shooter. Since then our ammunition company has been producing high quality shotshells for hunting and shooting for more than 35 years.
In 2017, our passion for investing, improving and innovating triggers us to combine our expertise with the state of art technology and engineering to establish Medef Defence.
Medef Defence that is the only centerfire ammunition manufacturer in Cyprus is the will and innovation of the third generation with the same passion and creativity as in the past.

Guten Morgen und danke!
I did not read it all, so that escaped from my eyes. Ok, then it looks as if a Turkish company runs a factory in Cyprus, hence “made in Cyprus” is plausible.


Generally КНПО “Форт” orders cartridges for S&B

Now they did with MECA of Turkey and again steel cases.

Alex, I don’t know much except that they received 5.000 cases in 2017. Looks like a sample lot, so maybe it was only used for testing purposes in order to consider further orders.

Blowing up their ammo boxes I can read 2 headstamps. The 9mm Makarov headstamp is:
"Makarov on top and Makarov on bottom). The 9x19mm headstamp reads: PMC on top 9mm Luger on bottom. So not even their brass on the latter.

Curtis, it looks like they used royalty free images and CGI. Nothing looks real to me.

Mersin, Turkey, is a port city on the Mediterranean in South-Central
Turkey. It is about the closest city to the Island of Cyprus in Turkey
that is large enough or important enough to appear on a rudimentary
map of the area.

You would think they would at least use Turkish-made cases.

John Moss

The problem with the origin of this company is that it is located in Northern Cyprus (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus), that is a state only recognized by Turkey. On the other hand, the Republic of Cyprus consider that this is Cypriot territory that was stolen after the Turkish Invasion of Cyprus (1974).

In short, this is a company of Turkish origin established in the island of Cyprus, but not inside the current territory of the Republic of Cyprus.


What city or town is it located in?

John M.

John, it is located in Alayköy, not far from Nicosia. They mention the city of Mersin because all North Cypriot postal codes must end in “Mersin 10, Turkey”.



Fede - as usual, thank you my friend. I originally thought reading this
thread up until a certain point that “Turkey” in the address might just be
because the Turks considered the part of Cyprus that they stole from the
Cypriots to actually be part of Turkey. But then, I looked up “Mersin” and
that lead me to believe the company was actually within Turkey. I didn’t know
about the postal regulation they had for Turkish-occupied Cyprus. Now, it
makes sense. Likely all mail intended for the Turkish Zone on Cyprus is
funneled through the city of Mersin, which as I noted, is about the nearest
major Turkish city to Cyprus. The Cyprus Post Office probably wont even
handle any mail to the occupied territory.

Thanks for the clarification.

John M.

John, I couldn’t find an image of the factory because Google maps don’t recognize the address, but if you type “Alayköy Sanayi Bölgesi” (Alayköy Industrial Zone) you can get an idea of their location.