MeDefence: new Turkish manufacturer of 9x18 and 9x19

With Turkish gun law having loosened a bit some years back (rifled weapons allowed for civilians) new manufacturers keep popping up.

Here now MeDefence with their “Venom” brand cartridges. Factory headstamp is “VNM” for the time being.

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Hi Alex, I started a previous discussion while ago: Medef Defence: New center fire ammunition made in Cyprus

Can you post pictures of their products?



Fede, sorry! I forgot about the previous thread (as with so many).

Here an image. All their cases, cartridges and bullets (9x18 and 9x19) were in a wild mix of calibers in their display. Seems the folks there did not know anything about or simply did not care.

Excellent! Thank you very much.

Any ideas on the case material? Also, do you know if this company works in cooperation with Meca?

Fede, I wish I new about MECA but I will ask back to MECA instead of MeDefence then.
Will tell if I’ll get an answer as MECA is not giving details about customers.

And unfortunately I did not think about asking for the case material. (missed other questions at the show as well)
For me such shows are like when you let a dog into a butcher’s shop… I do not know where to start…
Usually I do prepare before the show (and others) so I know where to go etc. but all new stuff is only to be reacted on right at the spot and with so many new things (and there was more interesting stuff I have to admit) some things simply go unregarded… (small old brain…)

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