Medium Calibre Ammunition - General Questions

Good day people of IAA

I do not know if my question has a place in this forum, but I am out of ideas on where to ask this, so here goes.

I am an engineering student currently designing a “new” round, with sizes 20x42mm ; 20x82mm and 30x173mm.
Take a look at for the images.

I am in dire need of the sketches for these rounds. I think they are called Reamer Sketches?

I require them for my design purposes as I am currently only extrapolating sizes from a .50 BMG round’s specs.

Thank you for any help!

Your question is somewhat cryptic (to me at least). You seem to intend designing a new round but then list three specific types of ammunition that already exist. That sounds contradictory.

P.S. You might go to and search for the string: ad0881759
In this report Otto H von Lossnitzer (around 70 years old at the time) describes at length the considerations in designing a 30 mm aluminium case. Alas, reproduction quality of the drawings is not good.

I do apologize for not stating the question more clearly.

I am designing a new Airburst round. Similar to Rheinmetalls AHEAD ammo, but in logic, more effective.
I want to use existing “outer” shapes because of the ease of use ( i dont want to design a new rifle, yet ) and production. I will then replace the internals of the shell with new stuff.

In order for me to do so, I first require the specs of the standard rounds.