Meet the members forum now open!

You asked- there it is.
READ THE RULES and try it out.
Remember, it is for posting your own photos only and “comments or replies” are not allowed. Of course you can contact the poster via PM or email as usual.

We may or may not limit posting on the MEET THE MEMBERS forum to IAA members.

Let’s play with it for a little while and see how it goes.

May I suggest that only IAA Members have access to this part of the forum.
Photo’s are downloaded, copied and spread very quickly and I am not sure
if I want to give “the whole world” access my picture.


Although I have been an IAA member for over 40 years, I would NOT like to see this limited to IAA members only. For one thing, we have more non-IAA members on the Forum than members. If you feel your that too ugly or sensitive or concerned about others being able to see your face, just don’t post it.

Awesome! I just added my pic. Hope others do so those of us that don’t get a chance to go to the big shows get a visual on who we nerd with on the forum :-)! Fired-Up!