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I find that if I did send you a photo, in the company of Mikhail T. Kalashnikov (!), I did not send any reference about myself…

Shame on me!

So,please just note that I have been in the cartridge “business” since 1965…, mostly for small calibre military rounds , up to 30-37 mm.
A member of the old ICCA (beginning of the 70-es), then later IAA, ECCC (1967), then ECRA(in charge of the French language Group), and some other clubs like RSACC, Czech and Slovak Ctg Clubs, a.s.o.
A reserve officer in the French Navy (submarines), author of several books and articles on the weapons and ammo subjects in specialised press, and a MD in “civilian” life… with a strong link to forensic and legal medicine.
Well, I think that this will be enough for the Police questioning!!!

You may use all this as you like!

All the best.