Meketa magic

Anyone who has not read and enjoyed the article about U.S. national match rifle ammunition in the Jan/Fed issue of the Journal should seek it out. This is excellent reportage in a contuing series of articles written by Ray Meketa who has been a frequent contributor here as well.

Some old timers ( including this one ) were sketical of this fellow when he came on the scene not so long ago.

This guy is a SHOOTER ! YIKE!

There are some of us who collect who feel that owning ammunition other than for personal defense or rodent control which is of so little value that one would actually shoot it is a form of , well , sacrilege .

Thus , SHOOTERS , tend to be threatening.

Meketa’s “performance” details in various articles seem inconsistent with “collecting” .

The NRA has two monthly magazine publications which reflect clearly these prejudices.

Rethinking this ; it seems to me that he is adding an aspect to the ammunition association which has been long overlooked and encompasses a huge body of interested parties whose involvement is needed and should be welcomed.

Just keeping up with the development of new designs of what we used to call “wild cats” can be a full time job. An articulate shooter like Meketa is a valuable asset to ammunition collecting in that as well.

Finally , I have always been an advocate of shooting up rare ammunition as it increases the value of mine. There is still plenty of unCivil War ammunition left which should be shot up or at least primer marked in the attempt. A good deep primer mark devalues rare ammunition much like oats going through a horse devalues the fresh ones going in.

So; keep blasting away

keep those excellent articles coming !

Gotta love those shooters !