Mel Carpenter's book award


My son Gregory is lucky to be one of 2 recipients of Mel Carpenter’s book “An Introduction to MBA Gyrojets and Other Ordnance”. I remember Mel’s Gyrojet lecture at 2010 SLICS. I’ve told Gregory that it’s from an anonymous cartridge collector who is returning the favor he received years ago from another anonymous donor. Thank you Mr. Donor and, of course, Mel himself. Here is my son holding the gift in front of a Christmas tree (note shotgun shell Christmas lights).
Happy new 2011 year, everybody!!!
P.S. Who’s the 2nd person?


It is a great book with a lot of detailed information on a wide range of topics.

Most of it directly relates to solving practical problems associated with miniature rockets and gives a huge appreciation for the value of scientific approach to problem solving and chemistry and physics and metallurgy. And, it also has valuable lessons on marketing and the reality that just because you build something, it will not automatically be a commercial success.

And, of course all the details that cartridge collectors or gun collectors love to see!

Many thanks to the generous donor, and congratulations to the lucky recipient(s)!

Visit Mel’s site for more info on this book and how to order one if you were not lucky enough to get a freebie!