Mel Carpenter's "Gyrojets" book


I received this book from Mel last Friday and spent most of weekend’s free time reading it, so now I think I can share my brief thoughts on it

to sum it up, it is a very interesting and educating reading, well written and very well illustrated. It covers much more than just Gyrojets; for me, parts about Lancejets, Javelines and Javettes vere extremely interesting. Worth every penny I paid for it.

And what’s worse, now I need at least one Gyrojet for my ammo collection, and I suspect this will cost me much more than the book ;)

Yes, it’s an excellent book. As a result of it we’ve gone from having virtually no published info about Gyrojets to having a huge amount of information about them.

Max, the standard Gyrojets are not that all that costly here - the problem would be in getting one to you!

Max (and Tony); Thanks for the kind words about my book! I appreciate your taking the time to share them on the Forum, and I’m glad to learn that the book made it to Russia with no problems. In fact, I’ve sent quite a few copies to Europe and have had no glitches so far. It’s amazing to me that I can send a three-pound package to Russia for $28 USD and have fast, reliable service (Intenational First Class mail). In addition, and even though I realize that many Forum users hate PayPal and refuse to use it because of its anti-gun policies, I also think it’s amazing that Max in Russia can send me an instant payment via PayPal and that I can reliably ship his book an hour later with every expectation that it will arrive in Russia fairly quickly and in good condition. This “new” technology is just great and has been a tremendous help to me in getting my book overseas.


I LOVE my copy of the book! Just incredible in every way.


Mark me as another delighted owner and reader of Mel’s book.

My only complaint is that he is costing me a lot of money. (I find myself buying Gyrojets, now that I know a little bit about them!)

It is an exceptional example of a solidly researched book that covers all the details, and it well written so that anyone can understand it.

While we tend to focus on the (relatively) common Gyrojet rockets and guns, you really need to read the book to understand the unbelievably broad scope of projects that MBA was involved in. Chaff for electronic countermeasures, copper liners for LAW rocket shaped charges, survival flares, etc. Not to mention all the really “outside the box” stuff that they dreamed up.

Not bad for a couple of guys who had gotten their start designing small nuclear reactors!

Check out Mel’s site and you can order a copy of the book there.

No doubt the best.