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Some of you may know that I have written a few articles for the JOURNAL. Even fewer of you may have actually read them. ;) It’s easiest to write about things that interest you, the writer, and you can only hope that it will interest others as well. Which brings me in a round-about way to my poser for today.

What really is of interest to the membership when it comes to articles for the JOURNAL??? To me, at least, it seems that there is very little feedback from members and it leaves me wondering, do they enjoy what they are reading? Are there subjects they would like to see that are never covered? How much of the JOURNAL do they read?

I know that I read it cover to cover. Even the ramblings of the Pres and Editor. ;) ;) Are you guys like me in that regard or do you pick and choose? I like to share my interests with others and enjoy writing but I sometimes wonder if I’m only interesting to a very few of you. If so, I could do that just as well on the Forum.

This is a deep subject for a Friday. Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t about me. My ego is not that big. This is about everyone who writes for the JOURNAL. Am I being too pessimistic? I’d really like to know.


Ray–I, like you, read every page of the Journal. Heck, I even read the Classifieds. Sure, some articles are of more interest than others, but ALL are appreciated and read. One never knows when an article might prompt you to start collecting something you never collected before. Also, that article on some aspect of the hobby that you do not have a particular interest might have just the bit of information you need to answer someone else’s question at a gun show.


Whatever is said, do NOT stop writing for the Journal. I’m a cover-to-cover reader. I’m one of those with a lot of everything and a bunch of nothin’ collection. If I lean, it’s toward the bigger stuff. And torpedoes. And bombs. Unlike SOME on this forum, I even like the shotgun shells. And the sectioned cartridges(color) trump all articles. Paul. So all y’all that go to the effort are appreciated. Thanks in advance for future articles.


PS I recently received the 4 volume “Variations of Military Experimental Calibers” from Paul. Unbelievable. What an effort. Recommended reference, and necessary if you’re serious about this bullet collecting thing.

I read the Journal from cover to cover, I read it with great interest.

Ray, your articles are what inspired me to collect Wildcats, please keep them coming.

I am new to the IAA and I totally read the Journal cover to cover trying to learn everything I can. My primary interest is big bore stuff, especially tank related APFSDS items and torpedoes. That being said, I still like learning about all the other stuff. It is just fascinating and I enjoy the history behind some ammunition also. The sectioned items are awesome no matter what they are. I really enjoy reading articles were authors are writing about the items they collect. Nothing like feeling the authors enthusiasm of a subject they are passionate about. I hope to write something one day soon also.



I am a small caliber collector and I read it cover to cover and then pick it up and read it cover to cover again. Even the stuff I am not really interested in, it is all History and becomes better with age. Thank You for your contributions. Vic


My interests are early experimental, sporting, sectioned (all kinds), boxes, shotshells, pistol, military and big bore in that order. And that is the order in which I read every journal from cover to cover. I have no expectation that I will be totally engrossed by each and every article in every volume. But I learn from every article and I am very greatly appreciative of the time and trouble each author takes in putting together each and every article. I also got and read every one of the old Cartridge Collectors columns in the old Gun Reports when I got back into collecting. Aside from monthly entertainment, the Journal makes up a body of knowledge that will be invaluable to collectors from the present long into the future, but NOT though the Forum. Keep em coming! Rich

As i wade thru 2 boxes of older IAA an Gun Reports etc, i WILL stop and read the new issue cover to cover !!!, picking ‘of interest’ first, but get it all read. i would enjoy seeing more 45/70 and 50/70 info. The more i read the larger and wider it gets. Thank all of you that work so hard to put it together for us !!

I also read it cover to cover and then I read it again at later dates. I am kinda new to this and it seems like I understand more every time I go back and read them. It also amazes me how you guys know, how much will be lost in the distant future if you guys don’t write it down. Thank you for passing on what you do know. All of you.

There is always something that is right up my alley. Sure… there is also stuff in there that is way out of my personal lane of interest… but those are the little nuggets you tuck under your hat and someday pay off!

I skim through and read about my main interests first - then read from cover to cover - because it’s all interesting knowledge useful to accumulate & use some day.
As an occassional contributor - it was gratifying that one IAA edition published a letter from a member saying how much he had enjoyed a piece I’d written (OK Steve there’ll be a beer waiting on the bar @ SLICS!!). It might be nice to see similar letters published to gauge member reaction - but sparingly - let’s keep journal space as filled as possible with articles. ChrisP is doing an outstanding job as Editor of the IAA Journal - gauging member interest and providing a balanced range of content (OK Chris - I suppose that’ll be another beer waiting on the bar @ SLICS!!).

Ray -if you don’t think any one reads this just stop and see what happens next . Then you will get all the emails !