Who is in charge of the membership ?

Go to the IAA Home Page and look at the menu on the left side. One of the first links is to membership information. Welcome!

[quote=“Jon C.”]Jean-Pierre,
Go to the IAA Home Page and look at the menu on the left side. One of the first links is to membership information. Welcome![/quote]
hi !
i did it;
they said :

  1. Fill the membership paper.
  2. pay with paypal

I filled the membership paper. There is no case where to choose digital copy or paper copy!
And it doesn’t give the info to the paypal paiement.


JP did you go to this page

Question: What happens to a member who joins IAA in January? According to IAA site rules "You will also receive all the back issues of the Journal for the current year."Does he receive nothing (i.e. no months before January) or he receives the entire previous year? Also, for digital issue, can it be saved to a hard drive to be read later in no-internet-connection environment or the journal may only be read off a server (i.e. requires internet)?

to JP from France.

I will have Gary Muckel (IAA membership chair look in to this ASAP)

Our webmaster (John Spangler) and crew are discussing and looking to implement a “member services area” of the IAA web page ( and frankly an IAA home page makeover)

Bottom line…we want JP accommodated ASAP

Welcome aboard !!..we can never have enough enthusiastic, knowledgeable, passionate, worldwide members to share the IAA and our common hobby

Please join up (bring others along for the ride !!)…your $$$ ultimately helps us provide member services and publish a fine bi-monthly journal (the passionate project of IAA Exec VP, Chris Punnett)

I am anxious to hear from other forum users if 1) they are IAA members (can

Membership runs for the calendar year so if you join in June you get the issues for Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr and May/Jun and your membership would run until (and including) the Nov/Dec issue (a total of 6 issues). If you join in January then you are joining at the beginning of the CURRENT year and your membership will still run through to the end of the year. You still get the 6 issue of the Journal for the year. When you join you also get the current IAA membership directory and the Guide to Ammunition Collecting.

The digital Journal is in PDF format so you can save it to your hard disk and read it later.
Chris P., IAA Editor

Hey Pepper!
I’m a member :-) Just renewed my membership starting my 2nd year. Really happy you are our new President! You all kick AS-!


I am a fervent behemothly anti-PAYPAL gun nut. I just can’t bring myself to use company that is so anti-gun and I have been meaning to get you a money order for the past year or so… but I keep spending my money on cartridges. Couldn’t you get set up with BIDPAY?

hi pepper!

Thank you.
The fact to have a digital copy has many advantages over paper copies:

  • it is cheaper because of no mailing cost
  • No more need to scan paper sheets, it is already done. Documentation is taking a lot of room and after a few years many people start to scan everything (except beautifull books of course because they are still very pleasant to open and to read them).
  • Ability to receive the journal in any place , even on vacation
  • no delay, no risk of been lost because of post office stikes, and so on


The new ejournal is a nice addition to our IAA products. Several members receive both the printed journal and the ejournal. The year 2007 was primarily a trial year for the ejournal and now we are operational with this option. It is only $25 for anywhere in the world. Payment can be sent by cash, check, money order, or through Paypal. Paypal is handy for overseas but I encourage members paying through this tool to specify dollars and not Euros. The system doesn’t work as fast with a conversion factor. It does work but then I end up having to claim the payment and make change when 55 Euros are sent, so paypal collects a charge twice. In the comments section of paypal a member or new member can mention printed journal or ejournal and also please clarify which email address the ejournal should be sent. I usually can tell the ejournal is desired when only $25 is sent but it is nice to make sure of your desire. As to paypal and their political stand, thanks for the info of Bidpay. I have never heard of it but will check it out. The big factor will be its reach to overseas. Thanks to everyone that includes an extra 3% when using paypal, it avoids the IAA from paying an extra expense that instead should be providing more value to members.

We still have about 330 members who have not submitted their 2008 membership dues. We make the labels for the next journal in mid February and we would like to avoid the extra work of making separate mailings from late renewals. Thanks for your continued support.

New members are welcome anytime during the year but January is an especially good time to join.
Gary Muckel-IAA membership secretary

  • I joined the IAA 5 years ago and I’m very happy I did it. I could not do it earlier because I didn’t know the IAA existed. —> I prefer to get my printed IAA Journal which also has a great advantage: I don’t have to rely on a computer or other similar device to enjoy reading it. Liviu 01/05/08

That Bidpay…she no workee no more:

thankee for the heads up

the Membership Chair was looking in to it…that simplifies the process!

I must be stupid but impossible to pay you by pay pal if I don’t have the email address where to send the money.

I have tried 4 times from January 3th.
Everetime it is the same story.

  1. I complete the mebership application as you say (step 1)
  2. and when I start step 2 (paying by paypal) the software request me to put the address of the guy who receives the money.

Usually when it is working like that on the other website (E bay for exemple) the field is already filled. Here it is not.

I waited and no answer from the guy reciveing the membership.
Because of that I think he is perhaps waiting to receive the money!

Could you please give me the E-mail wher eto send the money for the payment.

Jean-Pierre, Congratulations on sorting out your paypal payment. It came through and you are now signed up for the eJournal!!!

I will send you the Jan/Feb eJournal #459 tomorrow by email.



Thank you Lew

Garry helped me a lot because he gave me the email address where to send the money.

If anyone has membership questions or problems, please do not hesitate to send correspondence directly to me. I will be happy to resolve any problems as I did for Jean-Pierre.

Gary Muckel
IAA membership secretary